The Lupita Effect: But does our beauty need 'Validation?'

With the force of 'Hurricane Lupita, 'Our very own authentic African Beauty has been propelled to the forefront of the world stage.  Finally, a dark skinned African woman, who wears her own cropped natural hair-stunningly might I add! - Is being hailed and celebrated as beautiful.

But do we really require to be 'Validated' as beautiful women? In this video, I briefly discuss how I feel. Please feel free to quip in and let us know your thoughts!


  1. YES I do believe that our beauty needs to be validated, by society, our men, our family ESPECIALLY as young girls that aim to be moulded into confident women. These validations are what act as our strong foundations so we can grow into strong young women, who can then grow validate ourselves and shape and redefine the meanings of beauty and what they mean to us as individuals, knowing for certain that that which we possess physically is already enough, is valuable and worthy and is not what fully defines us. The kind of validations that come from our support systems as young girls are what count majorly to help us realise that from these strong foundations of value and worth, we grow in strength to realise our worth as beautiful women and in turn learn not to crave for validations from a society whose perceptions of beauty do which may or may not fall in line with our own, which damages us further, or worse, substituting this need by making choices that only increase the insecurities that stem from not being validated at a young age, hindering growth.

    I believe that because many of us that possess what are thought to be typically African features did not have outlets that celebrated or validated our beauty growing up, we now end up craving validation so much as grown women, hindering us from growing into what we can be because we are so stuck on feeling neglected. As validation is an important part of positive development and growth, of our talents, capabilities, in all aspect beyond just beauty, growing up being validated is very important and very necessary.

    1. Thank you for watching and commenting!I do understand your point.My take on it was that we have come to a point whereby we seem to be seeking out validation for the way we look from other races.I understand what you are saying but my argument was that:Why should we seek approval from other races for our perception of beauty?Do they ever seek 'Our' validation to celebrate what they consider to be beautiful?It was more targeted towards how others view us in this world and to some extent sadly its reached into our own communities and led the so called 'Self Hatred' to breed within us.

    2. I was aiming more towards our natural hair and our own physical attributes as it is a post in a hair and beauty blog.In regards to validity required from our support systems in regards to everything else you have mentioned,by all means I agree with you but my point was more guided towards why it has become absolutely necessary to be 'Valid' by others who have chosen to accept Lupita as a beautiful woman?I dont think our standards of beauty should have to be validated.So in that regard,I would have to disagree but I do see your point in regards to everything else and are in total agreement of that.


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