Natural Hair Style: Updos

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Hi ladies!

We all know that natural hair is so versatile that it's difficult to put it in a box and this versatility comes from the various hairstyles that can be achieved with it. That's why today, we're dwelling on the very chic, elegant and classy updos. Updos are like the best thing since Coke and they come in different styles and patterns.With one, two or a few bobby pins, you're good to go.

Take a look and recreate some,would you.

Soo ladies, which ones are your favourites and which would you be recreating?

Till next time

Love,knots and kinks


  1. Oh my!!!! I love all .... They are gorgeous!!!

  2. The 3rd and last ones are what I intend to recreate.
    They r lovely.

  3. OmG I waaaant! So beautiful, all of them

  4. All very pretty. I should be able to recreate one or two of them, if I decide to look for the tutorials

  5. The last one is gorgeous. I wonder if she used bantu knots or mere twists

  6. Hmmm...pls can we have styles for those of us who have thinning edges and Twa????

  7. the 5th one is a yes for me to recreate. they are all gorgeous just that my hair is stil in the TWA stage.

  8. I really like the fourth hairstyle.


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