How Has Your Natural Hair Lifestyle Influenced People Around You?


Hi ladies!

We all know that natural hair is not just some fad. It goes beyond ditching harmful chemicals and taking out time to properly care for our mane. For some of us it has become a lifestyle that has affected us generally and even rubbed off people around us.

Personally, I had issues with my mum accepting my hair initially. We often had endless arguments about my decision to go natural but I didn't allow her deter me instead I waxed stronger day by day. My hair grew and she couldn't believe it. The bickering stopped and she unconsciously accepted it. In fact she usually defends my decisions in the midst of some church folk who have issues minding their business. That was one of my biggest hurdles. Even though, she's relaxed, I don't think I'm interested in winning her over.

Next up was my friends. I have two of them who are like sisters to me. As usual, the jesting was imminent and went for a while until I sat them down to spoke some sense into them. Long story short, I big chopped  for one of them in February.The second one is currently transitioning and would BC in July. At the same time, I have to be extra conscious of what I do by laying good healthy hair practices for them to emulate.

As time goes on,I hope to inspire and influence people around me that natural hair is totally manageable that's why irrespective of the weather/elements, I try as much as possible to wear my hair out at least one a week.

Alright then.

Have you been able to influence anyone with your natural hair?

Let's talk!

Love,knots and kinks


  1. I haven't been able to influence them to go natural but I've been quite successful in changing the way they think of African hair. I.e. It doesn't grow quickly and it is very hard to manage, it is brittle and hard bla bla - which is a total lie - you don't deal with your 4c hair the same way a 1a hair is treated and expect it to be kind to you. lol

  2. I dint even trasition I jst work up one morning nd chopped my hair off everyone thought I has gone crazy they re dealing with it

  3. My mum now seeks my permission before she does anything to her hair, her sister also directs all questions concerning her daughters' natural hair to makes me take better care of my hair so they can fall more in love with natural hair *winks*

  4. While I don't tell anyone to go natural, I think that I've helped change the way some people around me view natural hair. In addition, I've helped them incorporate healthy hair care practices.


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