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Throughout this month, you've seen some of us post our Curl Confessions (AN aka @ilola, Kenyan Mystic). We were tagged by our good friend, Nappily Nigerian Girl, and we all decided to post our confessions as different times. So here goes mine.

Dear Hair,

This is not a nice message, but just remember that I generally love you. But it's time for some truth telling and confessions. I apologize in advance for the hurt that I may have caused you and will in the future. Pretty please forgive me and grow all the way to my lower waist *wink wink* Without further aDO, here are the DON'Ts I've committed.
  1. I haven't always worn my scarf. I'm soooooo sorry. It's mostly Scarfie Johansson's fault! Why does she think I want to play hide-and-seek every other day? Warn her o!
  2. I haven't washed you regularly. Let's blame DC here, because it just takes too long sometimes and I want lazy Saturdays sometimes. (Thank goodness for Rhassoul Clay)
  3. I've combed or brushed you dry. Ouch! Yes, I know I hurt you soooo much, possibly even breaking you (those tearing and breaking sounds). Thank goodness you're like Wolverine and can grow back.
  4. I have HIH (hand-in-hair) syndrome. Yes, I can't stop touching you. I know it's not a great quality, but you just feel so luxurious sometimes, so technically it's your fault.
  5. I'm so boring towards you. I hardly try any new things, new products, DIYs and more. I'm sure you're sick of my week-in-week-out same forever and ever routine.
  6. At the same time, I get bored with you too! Even if I put you in a protective style at a salon, I get bored and irritated within the week. 
  7. I haven't always loved you or seen the good in you. You know how people tell me that you're long? Well I'm sure you've heard me retort, "Nuh uh... she needs to be like Whatsherface's hair."
  8. I over-bun you. Quick dash to the grocery store? Bun. Running late for church? Bun. After doing a few of the #31DaysofKinz styles, still took them down and bunned you before it was even noon! I know, terrible :(
  9. I'm still not sure what the difference is between a protein DC and a moisture DC. I mean, don't all DCs moisturize? Do you even really care? Whatever I'm doing seems to work for you already.
  10. Remember those 2 times when I mistakenly big chopped you, because I wasn't assertive enough to tell the guy to trim only a little bit? We sure learned from that.
And with that, I humbly apologize. I can't guarantee that none of the above won't happen again, but I'll try my darndest.

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  1. Loooool!!! Very funny. I think your hair nd my hair should be sisters coz I'm guilty of almost everything on that list. I have been to tired to plait for 2days nw so I have a mini fro. The good thing is I'm learning to love it in any stated so if I wake up with a sponge on my head, I put a bow in it nd make it work

    1. Lol, I wish I could love my hair in any state. But if I go more than 2 days without plaiting at night, it becomes a tangled mess, which I can't stand!

      I should try wearing bows *thinking*

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ahahahahaha nice one. What a confession with no shame lol. hmm that HIH syndrome is just...

  4. Ha! Even you our beloved Berry.
    This goes to show that we all try every day. And we should not feel bad if we dont get it all right.

    1. Berryyy is your beloved? Okay oo. *lips sealed*

    2. @ Idy: Yes o. We can't all be right all the time.

      @ AN: Are you jealous?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Just try the pillow case or bonnet
    I used to suffer with the scarves as well, one day I decided to be free from the bondage lol

    Love your hair in the photo btw


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