Real Life natural hair talks: Any new habits?

Hi Naturalistas
Today is another of those 'talk days' where we look back at our journey and reflect. 

It is helpful to evaluate yourself and see how much things have improved or worsened. You should be able to find something that you may not have noticed or learn from someone else's. This is the aim of these posts. And majorly because I think it is fun, we get to share and I get a chance to read from y'all 
Please, tell me you love them just as much as I do :)

Let's delve into today's topic then
It is about new habits. Are there things you started doing basically because you went on a natural hair journey? I know someone that started drinking more water because she understood that water would help with the excessive dry nature of her hair. Some people made decisions to start eating healthy to aid their hair growth.

From a personal view, I cannot remember being as consistent with wearing my hair nets when I used to be relaxed as I am now with trying to contain my hair in one silk coverage or the other just because I am a natural. Not bad though, I just had a practical crash course on discipline, I guess.

Woo! Wash days! Routine treatments! Who else can relate?
Let me hear your stories at the comment section


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  1. I've learnt not to be so strict with my regimen, and try to listen to my hair more. And to stick to the basics: moisture (water based, followed by oils/creams) ,cleansing, low manipulation styling.
    Focusing on more co-washing and more deep conditioning treatments has definitely helped recently. So I'm going to try to limit the use of shampoo, and will also incorporate protein treatments.
    What I really need to work on is how to care for my hair when it's in long term protective styles, and limit breakage during the takedowns. I haven't retained much length at all with long term protective styling.

  2. I'm definitly more interested in my hair now, growth, styling nd general hair care as against when it was relaxed. Then I was jst bored nd couldn't care less if it was breaking or not. Nd through my hair I'm getting more concerned about my skin etc etc

  3. For me, I would say I've taken better care of my hair since I started blogging for AN. I can't be doling out advice and hair care tips, if my hair looks wonky, can I?

  4. I think I've been taking better care of my face. I mean that's the 1st thing people see when they look at me.So more cleansing,toning and mosturising.

  5. I see myself browsing more these days to see more products that I can use when my hair eventually gains length bcos I am on TWA.


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