Natural Hair Problems-Shirt Neck-holes!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! Being a Naturalista is no easy feat! Do you find that your wardrobe choices are now being dictated by your hairstyle of choice? This video looks at a few manoeuvres we as Naturals often have to go through for our hair! Bless up ladies!


  1. I feel you 100%. Although, I don't really have T-shirts with small neck holes, some dresses are also culprits. I try to widen with my hand, and if the hair scatters, I just redo it.

    Sometimes, if I remember, I wear the dress before styling.

  2. Siiissss,so to some extent,your natural hair kind of determines your wardrobe lol!Our hair begins to play a big role in what we wear,because you have to decide how best that head of hair will fit into your neckholes,keeping in mind oils that may have been used and other natural hair potions.The sunshine is finally here and am having to settle for Hubbys' shirts lol!Thank you for watching and commenting!Bless up!

  3. I suffer same sometimes too. In d end, I'll just find myself putting a bow or scarf arnd it. Pls kindly visit

    1. Thank you for watching and commenting Sis!For now my hair continues to reign supreme and my wardrobe choices remain dictated by my hair #smh#.It looks like it will be an extremely warm summer for me lol!Thank you for the tips though,will definately put those to good use!

  4. i wrap a silk/satin head wrap on my hair, get dressed and remove. it also smooths the hair while i get ready


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