How to Care for your Chid's Natural Hair While Swimming

African Naturalista Natural Hair and Swimming
By DiscoveringNatural

Swimming season is here once again... do you know how to care for your child's natural hair when swimming?

The pool water contains chlorine, which can cause damage to our natural hair with prolong exposure.
Due to its disinfectant properties, it can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause dryness which can result in breakage. Knowing how to protect your child's natural hair against this is very crucial.

Before Swimming
When hair is wet, after a point, it can no longer absorb anymore water. This is why it is important to saturate the hair with water thoroughly prior to swimming. For additional protection, apply some conditioner and seal with oil to create a barrier against any of the chemical from entering into the child's hair.

The use of a swim cap is wonderful, however, make sure you put your child's hair in a non-Afro style, unless, this could happen:

Before wearing the swim cap, saturate the hair with water and apply some leave in conditioner to the hair.

After Swimming
Start off by thoroughly rinsing the hair with some water. Then proceed to cleansing the hair with some shampoo to remove any chlorine that has been deposited into the child's hair. If the child only swims once a week, you can choose to clarify the hair. Click here to learn how to clarify natural hair.
Follow up with a deep conditioning to help provide necessary moisture to the hair. If swimming is done on a regular basis, it is important to incorporate protein treatment into the child's hair care regimen. Using a protein leave-in conditioner can also help strengthen the hair follicles and guard against breakage. Make sure that the child's hair is properly moistured afterwards. Click here to learn how to moisture your child's hair.

How do you care for your child's hair when in the pool or at the beach?

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