My Natural Hair Journey In Pictures

Hi everyone!

I just realized I haven't really updated my natural hair journey since my feature on mane matters. So today I'm gonna sharing my journey so far as I clock 3 Months Post BC, 12 Months Post Relaxer.


This was the only relaxed hair photo I found on Facebook.
September 2012

March 2013

July 2013
4 Months Post Relaxer
September 2013
8 Months Post Relaxer

October 2013
7 Months Post Relaxer

December 2013

9 Months Post Relaxer

                                              December 2013
                                          9 Months Post Relaxer

                                          The Trim/Mini-Chop
                                           21st December 2013

                                           The Big Chop
                                      24th December 2013

                                           Post Big-Chop
                                      29th December 2013




                                                                  Protective Styling 2013

                                                                      Scarf it up!

March 2014
3 Months Post BC
12 Months Post Relaxer


Pineapple 'fro
April 2014.

Alright ladies

Till next time

Love,knots and kinks


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