Mane Matters with Pidan Funke

Hello Naturalistas,

Welcome to another episode of Mane matters. Unfortunately today I don't have any pictures from Funke but I just had to bring the information like that, Its better than nothing bah? Enjoy and learn something. :)

AN: Can we meet you?

I am Pidan Funke, a graduate of Crawford University,
Computer Science.

AN: How long have you been Natural?

I've been on natural hair since 2006.

AN: What are the Challenges you've faced?

My Challenges?, wow, maintaining a natural hair is actually a
challenging task. i have thick black long hair, and most times, its
always a problem combing and styling my hair. I was later introduced
to hair straightener (hot comb) which actually did more harm than good
to my hair. This hot comb caused severe hair breakage and i got really
fed up, i was close to cutting it.

AN: How do you manage that?

I stopped using hot combs for a while and whenever i have to use it, i
use it on a warm level. Also, i got some hair care products which
helped to boost my hair growth again and my hair is taking its real
form now.

AN: Do you have any hair care routine? If yes, which?

Hair care routine? Well, yes I do.
1. I wash my hair regularly, every three weeks with shampoo and conditioner.
2. I heat dry it (less heat) and apply the necessary treatment
3. I style plait it
4. I use my scarf before going to bed.

AN: What are your must have products and accessories?
My hair products/accessories.
1. Olive Oil
2. Shampoo and Conditioner
3. Hair styling cream
4. Scarf
5. Honey

AN: What's your advice for any one trying to go Natural?

Words of Advice: Having a natural hair is cool, but maintaining it is
what makes it look beautiful. Majority of us are too anxious about our
hair and as a result, we use too much products on it which eventually
makes it look too greasy and then we wash it off again. Use the right
hair products but apply less of it on your air.
Also, avoid the use off hot combs always. It weakens the hair thereby
resulting in hair breakage.

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