5 Simple Headwrap tutorials for Bad hair days

Hello Naturalistas,

I have recently become a pinner and for those of you under the rock thats for people that use Pinterest and Its really helpful to say the least. Anyways, I have been wearing my hair out alot and my go-to styles are the twist outs and the pineapple bun, but there are days I am just so very lazy to do anything to my hair, scarfs are not my ''save the day option" because I don't know how to tie them.

I had the pictures saved on my phone but just last night my memory card wiped off and Pintrest came to the rescue.

Now, some of these are not work appropriate but you know how to tie it when the need arises and weekends :) Too much talk, lets dance.

I'm still trying to figure out how she did the bow, Probably just pinned it down? Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I Love this one 

This too is really simple and easy to achieve.

And for some Jara; 

**Image Source: Pinterest 

Will you consider Head wraps on Bad hair days? What's your ''Save the day" option on those days?

Don't forget to rock the kinks - even when it looks bad.


  1. I scarf my hair on good hair days or not. It gives me the African chic look and I love it.
    Am currently carrying one that looks like the third option but with a bow in front. My daughter calls it the mini mouse style.

  2. Niceee.

    Send us a picture on twitter or Facebook if yo don't mind :)

  3. I love wearing a scarf. This tells me i need new head scarfs!

  4. Love heard scarfs im rocking one right now. This tells me i need more head scarfs.

  5. I hardly, if ever, wear scarfs. On bad hair days, I might just throw some water in my hair and do a wash-n-go, or stretch it a little bit and put it in my trusty bun.

  6. Had to save all of em. There are lots of styles here i need to try.

  7. Is flexi rod the same as bendable rollers?

  8. Saving these pictures for future purposes


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