Spotlight: SMWNaturalhair 2014

Hi ladies!

    After so much deliberation, I finally succumbed to register for the just concluded SMWLagos. Well, because you, our readers are very dear to our heart, I attended the SMWNaturalhair tagged ''Natural Hair, The Social Media Connection'' just to take hair photos. I must confess I was a bit underwhelmed. I expected a lot more naturalistas but then I realised it was a working day, many wouldn't have been able to make it. Anyways, here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure. A lot of ladies were really nice enough to allow me take photos of their hair. Many obliged, a few weren't bothered. I went behind their back and took them anyways.

I apologise for the low quality pictures. The lighting was terrible and I didn't have an external flash.

Terra Kulture

Group photo with the panelists

The panelists consisted of Nibi Lawson of Kinky Apothecary,Ngozi Opara of No Heat Movement and Enuka Umeike representing Natural Nigerian and was hosted by Kathleen Ndongmo of Natural Ever After.

Their hair looks nice. Healthy too.

Nibi Lawson of Kinky Apothecary's lucious curls is the truth.She's been natural since 1998.

It's a LOC affair. The lady by the extreme right has had hers for 7 years.

Two Words. Very Daring!

Natural Nigerian humbly represented by her sister and daughter.

Kathleen Ndongmo below by the right. The lady by the left is of mixed race.

'Fro Love.

Protective Styling

These ladies are easily my favourite for the day.The lady to the left has been natural for 7 years.I must admit I expected more growth. While the other lady has been natural for 16 years.

Well. as usual I didn't remember to take any photo of myself with anyone but fortunately I found this on Facebook.

Yours truly repping by the left.

Alright ladies.
Till next year by His grace.

Love,knots and kinks

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  1. Wow! Rili nice nd lovely pictures nd hair.... Airtel

  2. Awww, I wish the pictures were better. I would have attended if not for work. Next year, I might just take a couple of days off.

    Erm, it would have been nice for a summary on what was discussed and what each person had to say. :)

    1. I got there a little late but it was basically a Q & A session because of the time constraint.

  3. Nibi's hair though ... #drools. Like Berry said, we'd love to know what was discussed so we can learn as well seeing as we couldn't make it.

    1. It was an hour session of Q & A basically.

  4. It really gives me joy to see lots of people embracing

  5. Its always nice to see so many ladies with natural hair out there. Must def attend d next one. :)

  6. Is there a particular reason why the lady's mixed heritage was mentioned? If so, you could have provided an ethnic background info on everyone if it was important. I am not of mixed race, in fact 100 per cent Igbo, and from the pic, we have similar hair textures.

    1. Err....because of the length of her hair? I actually thought it was a weave.

      Her texture wasn't even in question.

  7. Oooooh and I wanted to be there for motivation as a transition-er,whatever happened? Would jhave really loved to be there to see and probably feel(if allowed) different kinks. Well there's next year and by then I will be fully natural.


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