Mane Matters with Wolfgang Lisborg

Hello Naturalistas,

Welcome to another episode of the Mane matters column. Remember Wolfgang? From an episode of Natural Hairspiration?

Well, we finally got to interview him, and he told us about his Natural Hair journey, and the challenges he has had growing his hair out, being a man. 

AN: Can you describe your hair Journey?

WL: Well, for starters my name is Wolfgang Lisborg! Lol! Born and raised in Denmark, Europe.

 I've always had the low curly fro for the longest. When I moved to the states when I was preteen I lived with my aunt whose head hair dresser in Hyattsville, Maryland at her salon called "His & Hers Salon"! Living with her I saw how she dealt with hair almost daily since I use to work as the sweeper boy. Some days her clients would say, "Olive, your nephew has such good hair"! Now, check this out my aunt "never" let me have a fro at all. Whenever, my hair looked as if it was getting long to her, she had the head barber in the shop cut it. I later moved from her to my uncle in North Carolina where I discovered "gel"! Now, my uncle was a bit more lenient than my aunt all he said was "you can keep your hair if you maintain it"! At this time I was introduced to "gel", one of the worst things I could've put my hair through. 

Since, I was at the stage 2 phase I would some times drown my hair in gel b/c it made my curls look so legit. The funny thing about that was I would be going to class and would think that my hair "snowing" was normal, meaning I'm scratching my head with all the dried gel and dandruff is just falling down like snow! I then, moved to my father where having hair in the city of Brockton, MA gave you a lot of respect. Graduating high school over there I had already been through 2 big chops since moving from my aunt. 

Lastly, I later moved back to North Carolina where I big chopped again on February 11, 2011 due to a terrible edge up, smh! Making me more aware of how to finally take care of my hair since I've gone through the gel, not so good shampoo & conditioners, dry scalp, flaky hair, rough hair, and other misbehaves of not treating your hair properly. That's why I try to gain more knowledge on products mainly oils since it's been enhancing my new growth exceptionally. 

AN: What's your hair regimen?

WL: At the moment my regimen consists of oil washes, conditioning my hair, and shampooing my hair only when it's dirty. Whenever I begin to wash my hair I condition it with Tresemme "Touchable Softness" Conditioner while brushing through it with a vent brush to work my way through it better. Then, after consistently brushing through it I'll add "ORS Grapeseed Oil & Sweet Almond Oil" or some moisturizing coconut oil and brush through it some more while in the shower so that the oil soaks well in my hair.
As my hair is still very wet I'll wring my ponytail to get excess water out of my hair and then rub my ends a little more with oil before I put it into a bun. By doing this the benefits of the oils work through my hair.

AN: What were some challenges you faced growing your hair out as a guy!

WL: Honestly, my mother, but mainly my aunt that's a hair dresser that were my challenges. My aunt felt it was feminine for a guy to have hair for some reason but, she later grew out of that once I grew my mane out well and managed it. Some main challenges I'll say is the approval of some elderly individuals. A couple may say, "oh you have such good hair" but other females in some way really dislike the fact I have "long hair" and that it's not manly! Other than that my past 3 hair growths, some people thought it was funny whenever I asked how to manage hair so I tried some things but, never prevailed until now when my new knowledge on hair. Lastly, some females my age don't really engage as much because I have a lot of hair and I'm a dark male, while my name is Wolfgang. Lol!

AN: Have you ever gotten negative comments before on your hair?

WL: Yes I have but, I don't really pay it mind. It just lets me know how some people can't accept what someone "naturally" produces, which to me is petty.

AN: What are some encouraging words for women on their natural hair journey?

WL: In all honestly, your hair is your foundation as its an extension of your who you are. Self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and confidence is something that should molded within each natural woman. In a society where the majority still hasn't fully accepted natural hair, it's important that all of you women remain sane to who you are as individual. Embrace the culture you've been given versus trading it for something "fictional", wear your natural hair with confidence to remind other women not to feel of lesser value for expressing their unique trait of having natural hair. 

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  1. Though I don't like guys with long hair, I've been able to learn some things from him.

  2. Sometimes I wish I have dis texture of hair

  3. Gorg hair!
    God! I need that in my life :)

  4. OMG! It's my birthday today so I can actually wish for long healthy hair in a blink! May my wish come true!

    1. Happy birthday. At least, if you don't have his hair, you have the recharge card for a birthday present. Lol.

    2. Awww... Happy Birthday!

  5. Gorgeous! Can't wait

  6. Lovely hair. His name should have been Liongang. Honestly, for me, seeing a guy with so much hair is a bit eeky. But heck. Hair grows out of both male n female heads. At d same rate I would imagine. So who made the rules that only females should grow theirs out n males shouldn't? If females r allowed to carry low cuts, I guess males r allowed to grow their hair out. Btw I think most of d females who had issues with his hair were plain envious tht theirs wasn't as long or as gorgeous n they were FEMALE. Ok ok I'll stop before this turns into a sociopolitical debate.

    1. Looolll at liongang. A black man with long full hair whose name has the words 'wolf' and 'gang' in it. Scary!!!! Good thing he is aware, lol.

    2. Lol @ liongang.

      I don't even have anything against his hair growth so far he is taking good care of it and he is doing a good Job!

  7. Yayy! Wolfgang! Finally!


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