Ghana Hair Chick's Letters: What do you want to know?

Hello gorgeous naturals! I hope you're doing great. Happy Friday to all of us.
Geraldine the Great. Source
I have recently been thinking about the kinds of questions we ask people when we interview them for hair inspiration. It occurred to me that even though seeing pictures of their hair and knowing a bit of their regimen and products is helpful, there are other factors that could influence the health of hair that hardly ever comes up in the profiles. Some such information includes

-Whether they exercise and how often
-Whether they take dietary supplements, vitamins or use any growth aid on their hair
-Whether they drink a lot of water
-The kind of diet they consume
-Whether they use heat on their hair and how often

These are just a few questions I could come up with that I would like hair inspirations to answer. If there's anything you've ever wondered about a hair inspiration, post that question below and it will help to improve the profiles section of our various blogs.
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Thank you for stopping by and do have a fabulous weekend.
The Ghana Hair Chick

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