Do we really need Natural Hair Advocates?

Here is my confession. I am not a natural advocate! Yes, I said it. Bite me, lol. I am not saying this because I am trying to dissociate myself from the word Nazi. If you know me well, you will know that unlike many naturals, I am truly not a natural hair advocate. This means I do not advocate for people to wear their hair in its natural state. You might ask yourself why I say this, especially when my world and my entire business revolves around natural hair.

Well, I will clarify this. What I am is a Problem-solver. When I see friends with relaxed hair, whether healthy or otherwise, I don’t get into any story with them about hair. I have never ever told anyone to wear their hair in its natural state. Never! But you see, once a lady has decided she wants to wear her hair natural, and comes to me to help her, that is where I come in. Then, you see all my antennas up, and me doing what I know how to do best… easing people along in their natural hair journey.

There are many natural hair advocates (not Nazis) out there, and I think they are doing a great job, but it is not just in my personality to advocate for natural hair, not because I don’t think it is serious, cos trust me, hair issue is very serious, no matter how people try hard to pretend it isn’t, but because I believe people should have the right to decide by themselves how they want to wear their hair.

When people try to ask me any kind of question that would pull me into comparing natural hair with relaxed hair, I give them facts, not opinions, i.e. I present scientific information about the process each hair strand goes through to become relaxed, and what changes have taken place to get the hair straightened. Then I tell them what natural hair can do that relaxed hair cannot do, such as adopting various curl patterns, etc. And I leave the choice to them to make.

When I started the whole natural hair blog and later, products, my own sister, who lives in the same house with me, had long relaxed hair. I never for one day mentioned anything about going natural to her. I hardly discussed hair issues with her, and she hardly discussed hair issues with me. She reads the blog regularly, so she has info about natural hair. One day, after about two years of starting this blog, she pings me from her place of work, and says she wants to go natural, and that she had been thinking about the decision for a while. I never told her to be natural, she saw it with her eyes, observed the trend, and saw all the things I did at home.

Another surprising one is when one of my former colleagues told me at work that she did not see why ladies were now fussing all over about going natural. She said as long as she can have healthy relaxed hair that looks beautiful, that’s all that mattered. She said she can never do "all these natural hair stuff." She went on about how ladies use natural hair as an excuse to look like ruffians, look clumsy, etc. Even if I were a natural hair advocate, this friend of mine is not someone you want to enter an argument with. This year January, and she pinged me and said she is going natural, and asked for my advice. I didn’t bother reminding her of her statement. I just gave her the info she needed. Loads of people have gone natural because of me. I can give many more examples, but I believe my point has been made.

I see the process of someone making a decision to be natural as similar to when one religion wants to gain new converts. There are the pastors/imams/rabbis who do the work of preaching, those are the advocates. Then there are people who just use their lifestyle to gain new converts without uttering a word, which is the category I fall under. I personally believe that this second category is always the most effective.

The reason I started this blog is to help people who are already natural or have made up their mind to go natural, though people with relaxed hair benefit a lot from this blog. The process of getting people to make the decision to go natural is what I leave to the natural hair advocates. Let me just focus on the hair care aspect.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Be the example instead of going on arguing with everyone.

    1. Arguing does not cause people to change their stance. Just a waste of everyone's time.

  2. Nice.. I hate the way sme naturalistas make it look like you are hell bound if u aint wearing your hair natural. I am in a process of getting my relaxed hair to very healthy and getting back full edges.
    P.s i am tired of wearing just my relaxed hair. Thinking of trying out faux locs do u think they will worsen My edges

    1. Lol at hell-bound. The harsh comments come from both sides of the divide.

      Never done faux locs before, but it all depends on how the stylist picks the hair strands. Just make sure they don't pick it tiny or tight, and the real baby hair (f you have) should be left alone.

  3. AN is right about harsh comments from both sides, and that arguing will never convince anyone to move to whichever side. Just take care of YOUR hair armed with best practices and keep it moving.

  4. Good Afternoon,

    I understand that you don't want to be an advocate for natural hair, but why do you say things like bite me. I think it is wonderful that you give hair advice, and I will be visiting your blog because I am all about information.

    My hair has been natural since 1997 when I finally became tired of perms, jeri curls (yes I wore one lol) and I have had problems with natural hair stylists not knowing what they were doing and damaged my hair (when I was wearing locks). I had to go back to old school and really take care of my hair to heal the damaged areas on my scalp, and I am looking forward reading your blog for information. Knowledge is power, and I am always researching for information to make my natural experience better. This is why I will be going to your blog.

    Glad to have found your blog.


    1. Bite me is a humorous phrase that mostly comes with statements boldly announcing what one stands for. Not a big deal at all. In fact, some people stick tongues out when they make the statement.

      We are glad you are learning from the posts on this blog. Don't hesitate to keep reading and commenting. We really appreciate it.

  5. i absolutely agree with you.

  6. If you're not a narural advocate what would you call yourself? Natural hair Supporter? Educator? I would love for you to help me coin the term because I completely agree with you!


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