Check out Sisi Yemmie's review of African Naturalistas's Hair Products

Hi Everyone,

So Sisi Yemmie, did a review of African Naturalistas Hair products. As you might already know, aside the blog, we also manufacture hair products, and run a sort of consultancy where we receive calls from people who have questions about natural hair, and attend to tons and tons of mails about natural hair, all for free.

So Sisi Yemmie did a review on some of our products. If you are not familiar with our products, or know have just heard about them, and want to find out more, you should definitely watch this video below.

To check out our online store and purchase your products, or just feed your eyes and purchase later, click here.

You don't want to click? Okay, just pick up your phone and call 07061141501 to place your order, or ask questions about natural hair care.

Oya what are you waiting for? Get your fingers clicking.

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    1. You discarded it? Did you try reducing the length of the straw before giving up?

  2. LOL at "you don't want to click?" Ok o. We have heard


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