Natural Hair Hygienic practices that are often overlooked

Hello Naturalistas,

As much as we take care of our hair, how often do we take care of everything else that helps us take care of our hair?

Like our dresser (or where ever you put your products); We know the mess that can come from using our oily hands to pick up every other product, or from mixing different concoction for your hair, that all that hair shed? Time to clean out! Yes, I know you're tired and you promised to do it tomorrow. Take time out this weekend and wash the oil out of all - Yes ALL - of your product containers.

What of your Combs and brushes?

Time to whip them out and soak all of them in lukewarm Hot water, disinfectant and soap. Do this very often (I don't want to state a specific duration as some people are neat freaks).

Your Satin bonnet and scarf;

We can easily forget that we've had this for over 2 weeks and because its black it is not telling you its dirty *face palm* I know I know #Guilty (Mine is not black Tho). This one I would say if possible wash every week but not more than 2 weeks should you go without washing. It stays on your head every night. Its got to stay clean.

And Finally Accessories

Hair bands, hair wands, hair dands... (You get my point -__-) How ever small or thin, does it go on your hair often? Please wash it often too. We tend to over look the little things, yes, clean your bobby pins too.

I know I am guilty of this too especially when it comes to my accessories so are we ready to take better care of everything else that helps us take care of our Natural hair?

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  1. super guilty of the satin bonnet one :(. I like to add acv to the water when I wash my combs to give a kind of disinfecting quality.

    1. Oya Lets fix up :D Thumbs up for the comb cleaning though

  2. Righto. All those hair products belong to you? Wow.

  3. You are so right. Especially the oily part. I wash my satin scarf every two weeks

  4. These are really things we overlook. Thanks for writing about this.

  5. Guilty! Cant remember the last time I washed my combs *runs away*

    1. Lol... Hope you're running to wash it? ehen..

  6. Well of course am guilty.
    Would put in more effort towards cleaning.
    Am doing it now.

  7. Mehn, I use to be extremely guilty about the Satin Bonnet one. The easy way out is "don't use Black, purple, or navy blue Satin Bonnets, use white, pink, yellow" You get the idea.
    That way, shame will catch you when the colour beings to change.

  8. I use a lilac scarf, so it shows when dirty but that aside cos I also use a black scarf on occasion, I wash my hair scarf whenever I wash my hair, can't be putting a dirty scarf on nice, clean hair.

    My containers, I wash when they're empty before putting any new product/mixes if I'm reusing them.

    I'm probably guilty when it comes to the combs/brushes, I rarely use them but that's not enough of an excuse not to keep them clean


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