Natural Hairspiration: Larry

Hi ladies!

This week on hairspiration, I bring to you the smoking hot Larry and his fro to feast your eyes on! I don't know about you but I find it incredibly sexy for a guy to grow out his hair because I believe he has some level of understanding on how to maintain natural hair and is ready to go that extra mile. So ladies, if  a guy can do it, you have no excuse whatsoever!

Unfortunately, according to his Twitter avatar,[Yes, I've been stalking LOL] he big chopped and has settled for a plain ol' boring hair cut. Maybe he got tired and has decided to start over. Who knows? Maybe I should ask, right?

Till next time
Love, knots and kinks

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Photo Credits: Link no longer active


  1. That much hair on a guy,i so envy him.

  2. I wish he didn't cut his hair rather he would have transferred it to me.

  3. Feverishly waiting for my hair to get this

  4. Yes maybe you should just ask. The hair though... its massive! My goal fullness!

  5. OMG!! I'm so jealous. I literally had an orgasm from seeing dat and he cut dat :O..hell to no! When me I'm dying 4 it and oh! What is his handle? Lemme stalk too. :D.

    1. ... And I literally got electrocuted when I saw your comment. Please, come back tomorrow, Berry has a post for orgasm-loving people like you.

  6. Awww all that hair?
    Pls do you know, how long was he growing it before he decided to cut it?

  7. Too much hair. Heat in 9ja no go gree dis one o (sorry for the pidgin, I just had to say it like that)

  8. He looks like the Egyptian I who works with Shell. I saw him last week with the hair. Too bad He chopped it-Like chopping off your Identity.


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