The Various Techniques to achieve Wash And Go on Natural Hair.


  Hi ladies!

Wash and Go is a staple go-to style for ladies that work out a lot and enjoy co-washing. Well, there are different ways to achieve this. Often times the use of gel and/or puddings are used to enhance the curls thereby making it ''pop''.

1. The Traditional method
This involves washing your hair, applying gels and puddings and leaving it to air-dry. This is the most common method.

2. The winter wash and go.
This also involves washing and putting your hair in twists while in the shower. Here you don't have to carry wet hair all day or apply gel/pudding. Your curls would pop on stretched hair. It's very ideal for winter.

3. The conditioner wash and go
Instead of gel, here you leave some conditioner in,not rinsing it out completely and allowing it to air-dry. You could add some oil to seal in the moisture. Here, curls are not guaranteed to be defined but there will be a level of volume.

4. The fake wash and go
Here, a twist out is made to look like a wash and go. Put your hair into twists when wet for more definition. When unraveling, instead of separating the twists into three or four, separate it just once. You have better styling options because the twists last longer and are more defined.

It should be noted that different techniques works for different hair types.

Have you tried a wash  and  go before?
Which method did you use?

Love,knots and kinks


  1. I have not tried any.
    My hair is still in the TWA stage.
    What role does the gel play in the wash and go?

    1. You use the gel or the pudding (whichever you prefer), to shingle your hair all over. And you wait for it to dry. Although, you should know that not everyone's hair texture can achieve the traditional wash and go.

    2. I know am naive about most of all this.
      But when I think about gel my mind goes quickly to serious dry strands of hair or sticky wet hair.

    3. Seriously dry strands of hair will mean you used gel with alcohol. I'm not sure about the sticky wet hair aspect. Before I started manufacturing the curl pudding, I used eco styler gel for my twists and twistout, and they were not sticky wet. I guess what a good natural hair gel does is to make you hair obedient.

  2. I really don't see a point in wash and go for my hair. Spend so time shingling apply products, or twisting my hair so that four hours later my hair looks like, a shrinked matted I'll pass.

    1. Lool. I guess its your hair texture. Many people with 3a-3c natural hair mostly have curls that clump, and their wash and gos look beautiful, and lasts for days, sometimes.

  3. How do you determine the texture of your natural hair i.e 3a,3c etc?


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