Roles of essential oils in having strong healthy natural hair!

Indeed, hair plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of every woman. Long and shiny hair is the crown of every woman, and adds charm to their bold personality.  But, it is a very challenging task to maintain the long hair for black women due to nature of their hair. Mostly, black women face the common problem that includes breakage, dandruff, weak scalp, etc. due to rough, frizzy and dry hair. Sometimes, the hair loss problem arises due to heredity or hormones but the major reasons behind the damaged hair are chemical processing, use of harsh shampoos & conditioners, hair styling as well as poor diet.
If you really want to get rid of your hair problem, you are advised to take a balanced diet, which helps in fortifying the hair follicle and healthier scalp. Essential oils are the natural way to improve the quality of hair and make it look shiny and healthy. Lavender oil, Almond oil, honeysuckle oil, Rosemary oil are some of the pure oils which not only provide the long, smooth and shiny hair, but also effectively help in treating the scalp condition and stimulate hair growth. Many black women have curls, and these essential oils are effective in nourishing the rough hair, and helpful in enhancing its growth, while restraining the hair loss problem.
The natural oils are famous for their pleasant scent and innumerable hair benefits for different types of hair textures. They provide soothing effects to the mind and relief in anxiety and stress-related ailments which are also a prime factor for hair loss. But, essential oils should be used with supreme care as these come in highly concentrated form. They should be mixed with carrier & base oils before applying on hair. You can mix 10 drops of essential oils such as Lavender oil with 1ounce tea tree oil for treating dandruff, itching and hair breakage problems. Daily five minute massage of this mixture will help significantly in regrowing of your hairs in few months. 
Instead of using chemically treated products, you can try natural herbs such as Aloe Vera, henna, etc. which were used since ancient times to treat myriad variety of hairs problems, and produce the outstanding results.  You can also use high quality shampoos, conditioners and hair products that don’t have harsh ingredients, which produce good result for solving hair problems.  

Author BIO: Sanjeev Kumar is the chief editor of Allinexporters he has done a lot of research off line and online for natural essential oils and Traditional attar/ natural perfume oil.

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