Introducing: Letters to Ghana Hair Chick

Dear African Naturalistas,

Happy Holidays to everyone and belated Merry Christmas! This is a new contribution to this already amazing blog on natural hair. With the addition of Ghana Hair Chick to the African Natualistas team, we will begin a series on the scientific aspects of natural hair care. This segment is called Letters to the Ghana Hair Chick. You can email a specific question or hair related  issue you would like more information on, or just comment on this post or any other post, and that issue will be handled in due time. If you see a comment by someone else with your exact problem simply +1 that comment and the question with the most +1s gets handled first. Please be sure to address all your questions for this segment to Ghana Hair Chick to make sure they are seen and handled appropriately.

Ghana Hair Chick is a pseudonym for the newest member of our team. Yvonne is a Ghanaian who has had natural hair for a year and 3 months. She will be trying her best to handle all issues related to hair and also sharing information on the scientific parts of hair care. Apart from hair, she will be sharing information related to health in general, since a healthy body promotes healthy long hair. Every once in a while she will also blog on other socio political aspects of natural hair and products.She will be blogging here every Friday, and can be found on Facebook and on the Ghana Hair Chick blog as well.

Please feel free to post your questions and comments below and lets get to work on them! Till we read our first letter, Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend!


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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