How to Retain Moisture In Natural Hair


Hi ladies!
Compliments of the season!
    Today I'm gonna be suggesting ways to retain moisture especially during this dry season.

1. Sealing after moisturizing. This ensures moisture is properly locked in and is done by using natural oils and/or butters.

2. The LOC Method [Liquid,Oil & Cream] helps to retain moisture for a longer period of time.

3.Moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. This is a great way to infuse moisture into the hair

4. Increasing water intake also helps in retaining moisture.

5. Sleeping with a satin scarf/silk pillowcase helps to prevent dryness at night.

How have you been able to retain moisture?

Stay beautiful

1 comment

  1. Spritz , spritz , spritz with water and oil.
    That's my routine.
    My hair is also in braids.


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