Natural Hair Styles With Tutorials

Hi Ladies.

Today I'm gonna be sharing hairstyles that you could try out with pictorial tutorials. They are pretty straightforward and easy. Okay so let's get to it.

1. The Twisty Topknot

2. The Braided Crown


3. The Chunky Crown Twist

4.The Halo Bun

5. The Pompadour

Photo credits:

Which is your favorite?

Mine is the Halo Bun.

Alright ladies. Till next time

Stay Beautiful
Its eBunite


  1. I've got two:
    The Halo Bun & The Pompadour

  2. I like the Halo and Pompadour, but one of my go-tos is the Braided Crown, or somn similar.

  3. The braided crown and Halo bun...lovely..

  4. I know where the inspiration for this post came from (wink wink ;)
    Twisted top knot for me, the easiest as I've actually tried it

  5. The chunky crown twist I like

  6. The Braided Crown! I am doing that when I loosen my braids.
    Clenia Gigi

  7. Alllllll. When will my hair grow?


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