Mane Matters with Queen Banor

permed hair

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I'm Queen Banor. Final year student psychology and public health student at the University of Minnesota. I work Full time with adults with disabilities and I am the Founder of Aldek Charity Organization. 

AN: Whats your thoughts about natural hair?

Natural hair is unique and Beautiful. 

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because i was tired of my hair breaking and never growing past a particular length. I knew i needed to take care of my hair and the best way to do so was to learn about MY hair in it's natural state. 

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned? How long has the transition been?

I actually transitioned for 3 months. I got tired of the two different textures so i chopped the perms off by myself one afternoon (best hair decision EVER)

AN: What has your experience been?

it's been an amazing Experience. I love it. I hated my natural hair until i actually started taking care of it. I love that i can do a lot with my hair. I can wet it when i want and not worry. Going natural with my hair has helped me with going natural with just about everything (skin care etc) 

I think my best overall experience is that I have. Thick, full hair that's growing. :)

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?

My biggest fear was looking unkept. Looking like a crazy person with nappy hair and the pain that'll come with combing this coarse hair. (LOL) But i have been able to embrace my hair as is. The beauty in that "nappy" look, feel and texture is unique and undeniable. 

AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

oh i am in it for the long haul. probably till i leave earth. I have no desire to perm again. I see myself in the future along with my daughter(s) walking around with our big afros and loving it :) 

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?

I do. WASH and deep oil condition every weekend. Moisturize every other day with my avocado butter and extra virgin + coconut oil. Very simple regimen that's working wonders :) 

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?

I don't care about people's negative comments about my hair really. I believe we define and accept what we want about ourselves and things pertaining to us. I define my natural hair as beautiful, and thats all i choose to believe because I know that my hair is beautiful. 

AN: Whats your must have product and accessory?

OILS. oils. oils oils. avocado butter. spray bottle, LARGE combs, hair pins, Edge control gel. 

AN: Whats you advice to anyone planning to ditch relaxers?

DITCH IT FAST! No really, my natural has is longer now (in 16 months) than it has been in 5 years since i last cut my hair. 


  1. Yayy! Love Queen's hair.


  2. This lady is gorgeous and pretty; adding natural hair to your mien makes it the BOMB!

  3. My hair grew longer in just one year than it did in the 7yrs I was relaxed too. Great hair! I wonder what her winter regimen is like.

  4. Hey @Adeola \
    I don't have any special winter regimen yet. I've only been natural for one winter season now (this will be my second). But I planned to moisturize even more. I probably will moisturize every night. Or increase how much Avocado butter I use (it's really think). Also my hot oil treatment, I will continue on that. It really helps retain moisture for days. (I noticed).\
    I plan to deep condition frequently as well. And most importantly, avoid combing as much as possible. Protective styles! I'll just explore! Lol
    Thanks everybody!!

    1. That sounds like a nice plan for the winter. My wash day routine has gotten lengthy too since the drastic drop in temperature.and I've been wearing scarves quite often lately.

  5. Your hair is so beautiful.
    How do you get your hair to have that lovely afro look?
    Do u twist or just comb it?
    What products do u use and how long can you carry that look at a time.


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