Mane Matters with Alawode-James, Olajumoke

Hello Naturalistas,

We featuring a gorgeous lady with her Locs. So much hair, I'm jealous. This is a Locspiration for those of us you thinking of/growing your hair in dreadlocks. 


AN: Whats your name and what do you do?  

I am a TV personality. Alawode-James, Olajumoke. I manage and direct events.

AN: When did you start growing your natural hair?

I left my permed hair without relaxing from December 1, 2003 and had it cut and locked in April 2004.

AN: What led to your decision to go natural?   

I needed to rescue my relaxer-damaged hair. My long permed hair was losing weight and breaking. I wanted to start again.

AN: How have you managed your hair so far? any difficulties?

I go to the salon to have it washed and relocked once a month.

AN: I know there are some friends/family that just don’t get, what are your responses to negative comments about your locs?

My family never approved of my hair. They used to say why did I want to look like the mad man on the street? But my hair has grown longer than anyone else's around me and it's well groomed and neat. So, I only get envious stares now. And several people ask me how they can get their hair to look like mine including those who didn't approve of it.

AN: What is your must have hair treatment and accessory?

Twist and locks hair gel, Shea butter and I love colourful hair clips and bonds.

AN: Advice for anyone trying to grow out their natural hair in dreadlocks? (Something you wish someone told you before you made your decision?)

Natural, healthy hair needs care. You need a good hair stylist. There weren't many when I started my locks but now, they are every where. I have beautiful natural hair but my stylist does a good job. Don't relock too often, the hair can thin out but they can re-style it every 2 weeks so it doesn't look rough.

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