Inspirational Resources for Mothers and Kids Natural Hair

1. DiscoveringNatural: A (Nigerian) mother with two daughters with healthy long Natural hair. She has a YouTube channel where she gives tutorials on haircare and styling tips. She also gives tips and advice on my blog every Friday to prepare mothers for hair day on the weekend.
2. Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care: A white mother with an adopted Black child who is super creative and gentle with her daughter's hair
Her mom calls her "Boo"
3. Little Girls Hairstyle: A Facebook page with many creative ideas on appropriate hairstyles for children.

4. Beads, Braids and Beyond: This blog has everything you could possibly need to get started on kds haircare. From tutorials to style pictures, product recommendations and healthy hair tips. This is also a great website for moms with mix kids, although she features kids from all backgrounds on her site and facebook page.

All these websites have facebook fan pages which you could join to stay up to date with children's natural hair community and to be inspired by pictures posted by other moms who have managed to hone their natural hair care and styling skills. 

Are there other active websites out there where mothers can go to be educated on kids haircare but are not listed on here? Please list them in the comment box below, Thank You.

The Mane Captain


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    1. Thanks gurl! how dould I have forgotten to add BBB. I've just updated the list now.

  2. Thank you for this info. I will check them out.

  3. i am really glad you posted this..more mothers need to be aware,its society though, not their fault... but am sure with more awareness, things will get better

  4. I love this headband on picture 3. Where can i buy it


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