Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 20

I know at this point in my natural journey, I should be doing a length check to know my progress. Well, the truth is that I am not really a fan of length checks, as I feel the result might be disappointing. You might say, “Anna, but how will you know if your current regimen is working for you?” I reply, “Yes, but the fact that I am an honest naturalista doesn’t mean I am not cowardly at times.”

The good news is that I would soon be leaving my place of work, as I will be resuming NYSC camp in the first week of November, and won’t have to see this Thomas of a human being again. The bad part of the good news (does that even sound right?) is, I will be missing Dimeji for those three weeks.

Talking about missing Dimeji, I am really missing him at the moment. I should have learnt my lesson from this week and respected myself.  I was supposed to go on a double date with Dimeji and his friend. Well, did I tell you Dimeji likes double dates? Anyway, we had been planning this trip to the beach for about a whole month, and in my head, I had been picturing one interesting Bantu Knot-out I felt I could pull off this time, since my hair was a little bit longer.

I had lusted after a certain picture of someone’s Bantu Knot-out over and over again, and I decided that this time, I would get it right, since I and the person in question had similar hair types.

On the morning of the day we were to go out, with Dimeji and the other couple waiting outside my house in the car, I began to slowly unravel the knots I had installed the previous night, after following the procedure of the person whose picture I had lusted after. Guess what, I failed… again! And guess what, I was disappointed… again!

And what did stupid me do? Instead of me to improvise, guess what I did. I had been so obsessed with wearing that particular hairstyle to the beach, in my bum shorts and tank top, that once I couldn’t achieve the picture of me I had conceived in my mind, I sulked and said they should go on without me.

I am sure this is the point where you can now roll me over and kick me all around. I know I deserve it. Of course, I didn’t need to tell Dimeji why I changed my mind. He already knew it had something to do with my hair. Even though he did not utter a word, after I told him some eventualities came up, and I couldn’t go with them again, he just glanced at the satin bonnet on my head, and gave me that ‘I know the truth’ look.

Immediately after they left, I started to as myself “Anna, what have you done? You are just so selfish.” I then called him, and he did not pick. If I had a car, I would have driven after them, and apologised. I kept calling, but he kept ignoring. I knew he was really pissed because it was not in his nature.

Later at night, I called again, and still no reply. About five minutes later, I got a text from him saying “Anna, sorry I did not pick your call. To be honest, I think you are taking this hair thing too far. I love you and your decision to wear your hair in its natural state, but please, don’t let it ever get to the point where you would have to choose between me and your hair again.”

“Oh my gosh! What have I done?” I felt really bad after I read the text message. I realized I had been very inconsiderate to him and the other couple, after all the plans we had made. When I was about to sleep, I read the text about two more times. The third time, something jumped out at me.

Did he actually type the three magic words ‘I love you’?

Wow, I know I had a very bad day, and I am currently in a little feud with my boyfriend, but people, I believe I have just hit a major milestone in my relationship. Yipeeee!!!!


  1. No need to feel sad when a hairstyle doesn't turn out just like does on You tube. It happens to all of us.Practice makes perfect

    Stop your hair breakage

  2. oh i have enough tales of woe concerning bantu knots lol.....next time just do a bun and go have fun...guess you learnt your lesson though :)

  3. Sometimes, I think most naturalistas take this hair care too far. I'm a naturalista myself and I don't do much to my hair; I attend to it as and when due but to miss out on a date cos of hair? No way!

    Anna, please improvise with your hair!i f a style doesn't turn out the way you want then style it in another way. You could have used a scarf to pack it in a bun or another style.

  4. Haha! It took your hair obsession to get him to say the 3 magic words. :) why were you just doing your hair after the other couple have already arrived anyway? Ana need to learn how to do some pinned styles and she'll never be disappointed again.

  5. Haha!
    Are these real diary entries?
    When I have a big annoying hormonal zit, the type that makes people ask me what's going on, I don't leave my house if I can help it. I can relate.
    Next time, if your hair style fails, you could always do a puff :)

  6. lol. I'm glad you reached a real high in your relationship. Indeed your hair is just a part of you and you can never and shouldn't ever be defined by your hair.


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