Banana and Yoghurt Cheapie Deep Conditioner!

  Hallo Ladies! Natural hair care can become a very expensive affair if you are not careful. Here I give you a homemade Deep Conditioner Recipe that is just as effective as any store bought Conditioner you can purchase. It left my hair feeling amazing,and I just had to share this with you for those days when your Cash is not flowing quite so easily. Enjoy Ladies and Happy Tuesday!


  1. But you did not look broke in the video. Lol.

    The mixture looked yummy. Ever since I started manufacturing proper hair products, I no longer face the temptation to eat my Deep Conditioning mixes again, lol.

  2. LOL,Sis you know African women,no one would ever know when your down to your last two cents!Your products are amazing Sis,this is for those days when your cash has stopped flowing and you need to get yourself into some DIY!Thank you for watching and commenting Sis!

  3. What if the banana was substituted with avocado pear, to avoid the little chunks that held on for their dear life.

    1. LOL!Sis Avocado is also a good substitute as it has essential fats that are good for the hair.To be more thorough with the banana,you can sieve it after blending it to get rid of any chunks.You can even go a step further and use the smooth pureed baby food banana.Thank you for watching and commenting Sis!Bless up!


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