A gift for all our Natural Hair blog readers

For everyone who has stuck with African Naturalistas for a long time up to even people who are just visiting this blog for the first time ever, we want to say a big thank you. We hope you continue to visit.

It is because we appreciate your continuous readership that we have decided to release this new quick-read e-book as a free gift, just for you. It is titled, The six most common Natural hair myths.

It talks about widely accepted, but false, assumptions about natural hair, and we took  time to dispel these myths with proofs in this e-book. Even though you might be well versed in the aspect of natural hair, it is possible you have assumed some of these myths to be true. You never know. If you are curious enough, I suggest you get a copy of this free e-book.

All you need to do to get this is just download from link on the Right Hand Side of this blog, and voila, you are good to go.

It is not a big book. It is something you can finish between 30 minutes and 1 hour. So download away.

Thanks for your time.

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