Protective Styling woes!

  Hallo Chicas!Have you ever felt a little tired of being mistaken for being ALOT younger due to your protective style of choice?In this video I share with you my sometime frustration arising from the need to protect those ends.
  Enjoy Ladies!


  1. Am I the only one who likes it when people look younger than their age?

    As for me, I prefer when people look far younger than their real age.

  2. Siiissss sometimes its just frustrating lol!People treat me like a child at work and sometimes its a little annoying.I dont mind looking younger but when am being treated like a clueless kid or a young juvenile,thats when it becomes a problem.Thank you for watching and commenting Sis,Bless up!

    1. I go through this everyday! Very frustrating!

  3. I know Sis!Just last week one of our customers was so rude to me.He basically called me a clueless school kid!I was fuming!Its great to be considered younger than you really are,not so great when that translates into some form of disrespect!Thank you for watching and commenting Sis!


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