Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 13

In my journey as a naturalista, I have come across many things that have baffled me. Yea, I have heard the numerous talk about switching mindsets and changing orientation, so don't even bother giving me the lecture. Its just that sometimes, change is so so hard.

I was reminded about that when, last week, for the first time in my journey, I decided to buy the same range of a natural hair product (shampoo included), instead of just using different brands and concoctions on my hair. I had been using regular shampoo, but had to stop after reading about the many evils of sulphate on natural hair. I then switched to the black soap I used to bath, but it had a drying effect on my hair. Also, I wanted to be loyal to a brand I know is good, and works for me. I was so eager to try out these set of products.

I deep conditioned, and then proceeded to wash the hair. I applied the shampoo, and a little water. It didn't lather as much. I wondered what was wrong. Thinking I didn't use enough, I applied more. It lathered just a little, but I saw no soapy bubbles. I checked the expiry date, ingredients, etc. I saw nothing unusual. I was so pissed that I just washed the hair and conditioned it in a hurry.

Since I knew the supplier personally, I called her up to vent my pent up anger. She goes "oh, there's no problem, natural hair shampoos don't really lather like commercial ones. It's because it doesn't contain sulphates and harsh surfactants... Bla bla bla, yackety yackety yak." and she delved into some annoying and boring scientific rants.

Who cares about some freaking chemistry here? Just get me a shampoo that lathers!

"Hello, are you still there?" I heard her call out. I answered her in the affirmative, and she continued. "The most important thing is that your hair is clean. Remember, it is not the lather that cleans, it is the soap and other nutrients in the shampoo. So don't worry, there's no problem."

Thanks madam lecturer, and thanks for nothing. So on top of the many changes I would have to endure as a naturalista with healthy hair, one more thing I will have to add to it is shampoos with low lather.

I the googled the whole thing, and found out that she was actually right in everything she said.

Phew! This change is just too all encompassing. Natural Hair shaaa.

Please, note that from next week, my spicy honest diary will be appearing on Mondays.


  1. 13 weeks..thats 3 months, 1 week...any length check yet?

  2. awwwwwwww its really tough sometimes but its always good to do your research before buying any products.


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