Natural hair styling: Semi fro hawk

Hi Naturalistas

I wanted something different from my usual full Afro or perhaps, the Mohawk I usually settle forwhen I want a little twist to it. I decided to go for a 'semi fro hawk', a one sided sorta Mohawk.

For this style, I started with stretched hair.
I washed my hair, conditioned and deep conditioned. Air dried it a little and made about 5 - 6 corn rows.
I left the braids overnight and loosened the braids the next morning. This helps to stretch my hair.
After loosening the braids, I combed it out with a big comb to reveal a nice Afro look. If you look closely you can see some slight curls due to the braid out, and it is quite perfect for the look I was going for.

Right after combing it to taste, I made a nice flat braid on one side (because you want the asymmetry to be one sided as compared to the Mohawk style) and voila, you have your semi - fro hawk ready to be rocked.
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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