Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 9

I got into one of those natural hair arguments with my friend, whose hair is relaxed, yesterday, not the fierce natural hair nazi type, force-my-opinion-down-your-throat kind of argument. It was a more intellectual and scientific kind. I was so surprised with the way I spoke, and the amount of information I now have about natural hair. At some point, I felt like a natural hair guru. Thanks to the wealth of knowledge on the internet, and numerous natural hair blogs out there, my friend will now always see me as a natural hair sage, lol.

It all started when she told me she admired my hair, and I was lucky I could go natural because my hair is soft. She said she could never ever go natural because she has the most stubborn hair in the world.

After hearing her statement, I considered all the long hard work I had put in my hair to soften hair, and took her words as an insult. Yes, I know, I know, I can be dramatic at times, but think about all my deep conditioning, moisturising and sealing, tea rinse, overnight baggying, and all those processes familiar to only naturalistas, and someone would just come and dismiss all my hard work, attributing it to luck of having soft hair? I bet she did not know my hair was most probably more stubborn than hers, and very spongy at that.

So I sat her down, and told her that my hair used to be very stubborn like hers. She did not believe.
I told her that no matter how stubborn any hair is, I have learnt that it can be softened. She did not believe.
I told her that with proper regular deep conditioning, moisturising, etc, her hair can get softer. She did not believe.

No matter what I told her, she stuck to her guns, saying there was no hope for her hair, and that the only solution was for it to be relaxed.

After thinking for a few seconds, I asked her...
If you put fire on your hair, won't it first get softer for a few nanoseconds, and then melt? She said of course.
So I said you see, no matter how stubborn your hair is, it can be softened when it meets the right conditions.

I had made my point! 

See you guys next week.

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