Whats my Hair Type????

Hallo my lovelies! Hair type. Does it really matter? I guess its a matter of choice whether you strictly abide by the rules that define and cater to your hair type, or if your more open and liberal when it comes to your own hair and not impartial to dabbling and experimenting with methods that have yielded good results for others, whose hair does not necessarily resemble your own. This short video shows my view on the whole thing.......


  1. Hahaha! I also have concluded the same. I have all the hair types and none. Great video!

  2. LOL!Thank you Sis.I just am not willing to 'Peg' myself anymore.As naturals,we are even beginning to segregate amongst ourselves due to hair 'Type' and I just don't feel that its right.Our natural hair is beautiful and that's all I know,no matter what it looks or feels like.Thank you Sis!Bless up!xx

  3. I completely agree. I think everyone is completely unique and people shouldn't get too caught up on the whole 'hair typing' thing


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