Making your Big Chop look stylish

Hi everyone! I recently decided to take the big step and go natural with the big chop, because my hair got seriously damaged from relaxing and it was falling out and was uneven and generally unhealthy. It was scary and adrenalin pumping for me to take this step because I love having long weaves on with my hair out.

So to prepare for my big chop, I decided to have fun with my hair first and I got the Rihanna one sided hair cut and rocked that for a while since I was going to cut it anyway. This helped prepare my mind for the big chop. So you can do something fun at first before you start your journey.

I did the big chop two months ago, and so far my hair has been growing great. Also, until you are comfortable with the length of your hair, you could "mat" it and get your weave fixed, while daily moisturising till it grows and you feel more comfortable carrying short hair. 

You may wonder what to do with you short hair look after the BC to look classy. Feminine looks for your short hair are:

1) Wearing make up that defines your facial features. Arched brows, bright lipstick etc.
2) Styling the hair with a clear gel mixed with castor oil for moisturising to avoid breakage, and bring out natural waves and curls.
3) Getting artificial lashes. Lashes are simple girly!
4) Getting a side part, like Solange Knowles did.

5) Wearing big/long earrings and accessorizing generally!!!

6) Get the twist/ bantu knot curls like Nse Ikpe- Etim does!

7) Get dread twist and gel locks !!!

Dont forget to moisturise alot and Enjoy your look! Be natural!!!

By Mabel
Twitter: @BellaAlubo


  1. Hi,your post has bin helpful I just cut my hair a month now and looking for ways to maintain it the dread twist and gel locks is that a cream how would my hair look like afterwards

    1. Wow. was hard separating your statement. I don't use twist and gel locks. It is a cream people use in creating dreads, but I know some naturals use it. May be you can give it a try, and see if it would work for you.

  2. Awwww sorry no punctuations that's why, Ok thank you.

  3. Awwww sorry no punctuations that's why, Ok thank you.


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