How to style your Natural Hair Mohawk

Hello Naturalistas,

I fell in Love with Mohawks during my service year when i had alot of you-tube time and experimenting time and i stuck with it since then. Its so easy to achieve (When you have alot of bobby pins)

How i get my Mohawk done:

  • Shampoo/co-wash 
  • Detangle with Olive-oil
  • Pull back the hair from the sides and hold down with pins
  • Use gel to give it a neat finish OR
  • If i have twists from the previous night, i just spray with my hair mixture (Water, aloe Vera, olive oil and leave-in conditioner)
  • Untwist then i pull back the sides and pin down 
  • Put gel for a neat finish

Here are pictures of different times i've rocked a mohawk.

Natural Hair Mohawk from around the web:
You think you attract alot of attention with your twist-outs? Try a mohawk.
Do you think you are bold enough to switch it up and rock this hair style? 

Lets hear your feedback.


  1. Mohawk really suits the shape of your face.

  2. I only rocked the mohawk look for a few times only when my hair was shorter, I don't do it anymore because i think it makes my head look funny

    they look cute on you though. love the variations and accessories too.

  3. Impressive article.............

  4. I usually wear twistouts to school but I tried this the other day after I unraveled my twists and it was beautiful. I got a lot of compliments from my friends and they told me I should do it more often.

  5. I'm looking for different things to do with my afro hair other than the mohawk pls reply asap

    1. Try a braided band or grecian twist or updo. I posted last friday on some easy styles

  6. It seem not easy to style :)
    Anyway i want to say Hi from


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