Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 2

Dear Natural Hair Diary

Today is the second week in my Natural Hair journey which i'm keeping records of in my Natural Hair Diary. I got inspired to keep one when i read about this hair length retention thing since i realized i never even monitored the length of my hair in the past.

But now i want to be a good natural Hair Keeper.

So help me God #puts hand to chest#

I washed my hair last week and i got a hair mayo for that one to deep condition it. I didn't bother watching any of those vlogs that make me look like i'm the only one who isnt getting this natural hair thing right.

And then, there's work, i have to get to work and i have so much on my plate right now. i've washed and i'm too tired to twist. infact, i dont wanna twist.

If i had my way, the hair could just fix itself already and let me be!!!

I decide what i'm gonna do this week, i'm gonna leave the hair to dry after straightening it through the banding or kiko method for an overnight stuff, and then tomorrow, i'm gonna pack it. Not in a bun though. My hair is not that long for a bun yet.

I hope it lasts for the week and i ensure i scarf it pretty well.

anyone doesnt like it? then #shrugs...that's why there's a word called 'Mind your business''
Yea, that word was created for the ones who seem to wonder why this century harbours Super awesome weirdos like me.
#yawns...the night is far spent,i gotta go to bed...
Next week, i pray i come up with something for my hair diary

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  1. lol, those YT girls make everything seem so easy. but hang in there, you'll figure it out eventually.


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