Seven curl defining products for your hair

There are few things as frustrating as curls that won’t stay... well, curly.

1. Like the name suggests, the Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper is a good one for preserving your curls. It is generally a water-based hair styling product that helps fight frizz which, as you well know, is the number one destroyer of curls. You can use the curl keeper with a gel to further enhance its effect on your long curly hairstyles

2. If you plan on keeping curls, then a curl enhancing gel is an absolute necessity. The gel generally works better if it is applied before blow-drying. The best part is, it not only adds shine and preserves curls, it also helps with volume. The curl enhancing gel is also a vital hair product for those sporting curly hair because it has a definite effect on the holding power of your curls.

3. Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue is like curls in a bottle. The styling cream is a perfect addition to your hair products because not only does it help curls retain their waves, it also preserves the bounciness rather than letting them fall flat. Plus, it is very easy to apply; simply sooth it onto your hair and watch it work its particular brand of magic.

4. Remember all those wonderful things your stylist said were good for your hair? Well they are all packed into this one cream. Vitamin E, coconut oil, aloe vera and so many other hair nourishing stuff. The overall finish effect is often natural and light.

5. The Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Rock Amplifier is the best thing since curly hair! It  will not only define your natural curls it will also make them bouncy.

6. This is a firm hairspray which unlike other finishing firm hairspray, hold the curls in place for far longer than just about every other hairspray. In fact, it’s been said to “scare the limp out of your curls”.

7. The Curl-Junkie Coffee-Coco curl crème is like a two in one mixture of leave-in conditioner and holding gel. Interesting huh? It’s effect is a light bouncy wash and go.
This Post is contributed by Perl Watson on behalf of Hair Styles Cut – a leading hair website.


  1. Where can I get any of these products in lagos?

  2. Where can I get any of these products in lagos?

    1. Or in PH for that matter?

    2. Lol. We are more of Eco Styler people in Nigeria. Have you tried it?

  3. Yes o! It's eco styler for us here and you can get it at any major store. If you're in Lagos you could try Casabella at shoprite.

  4. Hello,pls how do I get the products.. I stay in lagos


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