Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 3

Dear Natural Hair Diary,


 This is the third week in my Natural hair Diary and i think I'm doing alright #bigsmiles#
up until when mommy called me into the living room to start ranting to her friend about how i just went crazy about this natural Hair thing. 

She believes if I keep doing this and spending my money on natural products, I'll start walking on the road naked.

I haven't told you about my Mum have i?
she sees my hair wardrobe and yells at me. she goes hysterical and wonders how and what i use each product for.

Can she just give me a break...or rather give my hair a break and let me move on.

Let my natural Hair move on with its new resolution.

This week i made twists with my jojoba oil and i think its working out well. i sometimes feel like I'm not pretty with this natural hair thing but i get courage when i meet other natural hair chicas.

Now thats an understatement. I smile and feel glad that i belong to this wonderful family who's bent on helping others retain hair length and avoid breakage.

In places where my hair is involved, it has broken a comb before. but with my new regimen i know it will never break a comb again.

i think i'm finally coming to terms with myself and my hair. i mean its been three weeks now and i know i'm getting to be bold enough and happy that i made this decision.

I'm so not turning back.


  1. Hi, I am so glad you are writing abt how you truly feel as a naturalista. Its not as easy as the youtubers and hair gurus make it seem. Even as a hair blogger myself, i am now coming to terms with my natural hair and trying to make it work for me. Its tough not to get support esp with the moms making it seem as though we are no more pretty with wearing out natural hair out. I am currently on a no weave or braids challenge. The most i will do is wear a wig for a few days for my twists to set for a twist out or something. Pls keep this up.

    1. thanks annette..i appreciate ur comment. and i agree with you.
      thanks a lot

  2. If I were a naturalista,I would have a diary/space to vent ma frustrations( and wins) to cos I know there would be moments I would want to share.
    To me,naturalistas are patient people. I totally admire them and their hair. My patience is yet to reach that level.
    All the best.

    1. lol, not all are patient! I've definitely had my days. but I remember how my hair was like when it was relaxed and how much I hated it, and then I smile and start loving my hair again.

    2. @tamie...thanks dear
      @mane..true oo..not all are patient...i can imagine how u must have felt when u suddenly realized that this 'relaxer' thing wasnt just doing it for you..
      thanks mane

  3. nice one...the people around me believe hair should remain packet to the the back or in other nonconspicuous styles...i belive it can be anyhow..just make sure it looks good...hmmn imagine the reactions to my first bantu knot outs, lol they kept looking and staring lol, some one asked that didn't i comb my hair? lol another said it looked rough, lol another called it dreads...but most people actually commented that they liked it and it looked good. had fun that period. lol...this natural hair thing eh....


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