Mane Matters with Akibo Tobiloba

Hello Naturalistas, We are here again with Mane matters, Today we are going to be featuring a student 'Tobiloba

Q: Whats your name?


Q: What do you do for a living?

I'm a Student

Q: How long have you had your natural hair?

July Last year, so.. 10 months now.

Q: What was the motivation behind it?

 nothing really, I just cut my hair and didn't want to grow it back but my fickle nature made me start again and I decided to try the natural hair route.

Q: so big chop or transition?

A great big chop
Big Chop
Q: What were your fears?

 I was just worried I will get tired of taking care of my hair and I wont be able to maintain it.

Q: do you have a regimen that you follow for your hair? 

 really I don't I usually go with the flow. wash and condition occasionally.

Q:Whats your must have product?

 well, water and oil. I always have Shea butter and conditioner

Q:Enjoying your journey so far?

I kind of am, when I'm not trying to pull my hair out.

Hair length now

Q: Advice for anyone that wants to go natural?

It will be great to know exactly what you are trying to get into.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I'm inspired. currently transitioning (4 months post relaxer)

    1. Nicee. Really glad this inspired you. Thanks

  2. You rocked your big chop really well. I don't have the 'liver' for the big chop so i did a semi-chop and i am currently transitioning; 9 months post relaxer and my hair and i a bonding daily (There are days of absolute love for the hair and days of...) all in all, its been an amazing and liberating experience :-)

    1. Yeah, she rocked it!

      Oh well, Its whatever works for you my dear, Keep rocking your bond till you ready. :) glad you are enjoying the experience. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Nice transition and hair looks healthy.
    Yo, Mfoluwa -that your sis?


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