Comparing Twists on Wet Hair and Dry Hair

hello guys,


I tried something this weekend...
I washed my hair and Deep Conditioned my hair
I read about how people kept talking about doing twists on wet hair and thought I should try it out.
Ever since, I've always twisted my dry hair after a week of stretching and packing it to work
Going to work every morning with packed hair, we both know, isn't an easy task, neither is it all that pretty if it's not long or if you have to comb it everyday

I did this because of the stress of twisting my hair myself during the weekend after the whole stress of washing and DC--ing, and so, I decided to go through the stress and twist my wet hair and I noticed the difference.
It was soft, didn't tangle easily and was bouncy. You get the fresh feeling of clean and washed hair and the ends do not tighten together.

On Dry hair, it was also good and I got to pack it after twisting it, but I think it's more preferable to twist wet hair as it is still in it's soft state.
Have you given it a try?
Please, share with us how it went


  1. I do both. But more so on wet hair. My hair is more stretched and smooth when I do it and stretched, dry hair. Whereas it's more shrunken (think telephone wire) when twisted wet. What do you do to your hair after a wash? I usually twist mine up.
    Also, why do you need to comb your hair daily when it's already in a bun? Do you comb it dry too?

    1. yea, i was combing it dry!..imagine that..lool..once in a while, you indulge unconsciously due to schedule and all
      after wash, i dried and banded it in order to stretch it before morning
      well, i had to be combing my hair everyday cos after the whole day, it starts looking untidy and strands starts to find their way out of the bun

  2. I used to twist on wet hair before (not soaking wet like in the pic sha), but I have decided to start twisting on dry hair, cos I want to save more of my ends, and see if I would have less shrinkage.

  3. I've twisted exactly twice, once on dry hair and the other on wet hair and I have to say I prefer twisting on wet hair.Not soaking wet hair,all I did was stick my hands in a bucket of water and run them through my hair..Less breakage,less shrinking,and it was so much easier and softer.


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