A Deep Conditioning method to achieve softer hair

Hello Naturalistas!

How has your week been? I've confessed here that I'm here to learn and I'm trying to enjoy my Natural hair one challenge at a time. I read something here about deep conditioning before you wash your hair, but no one writes it with so much excitement. Maybe when I'm done, you'll know why I'm saying so. I had a protective style on, I took the braids out over the weekend, and I wanted to try the pre-poo. I took a few liberties and mixed some things that they nor send me

My mixture
- Shea Butter
- mayonnaise
- Honey
- Leave-in conditioner
- Olive Oil

May I quickly add that olive oil is the truth? Yes! You notice the difference when you use it. That said, I mixed and got this
My Mixture

Was not as thick as I expected and it wasn't as messy as I expected either,

I sectioned and applied from the scalp, wrapped in a plastic bag, and covered with a Cotton head wrap then I tied a scarf and left it for over 2 hours. I decided to do my make up while I waited *winks*

Old hair has passed away

It was time to wash, and when I removed the wrap, honestly I wasn't ready for the results I got. It hit me hard (in a good way) MY HAIR BECAME UNBELIEVABLY SOFT, I ran a comb through with a happy face, I would have called my hair soft on a normal day but this was a whole different level, I still can't get over how soft my hair has become now I wonder how much softer it would be if I continue . This is one habit I'm not letting go of soon! Now I ask myself why I've not been deep conditioning?

Can't get over how soft my hair is.
Yes, in all truth, when you find what works for you, the struggle becomes a lot easier. So, while I enjoy my new hair status please go get yourself a deep condition and take liberties!


  1. i did a honey and olive oil DC...i added the honey to dry hair and then coated the 'honeyed' hair with oil.....by the time i was done with the entire head, 2 hours had passed. i then shampooed the goo off, did an ACV rinse, used an argan oil and shea butter mix to oil my hair and scalp...my hair was so soft and shiny but still crazily tangled. my braider who has bn braiding my hair for 5years says its cos my hair is still not used to being individual strands (loosened my dreads after 3 years of growing them). i am slowly getting into a routine. thank you for sharing

  2. please did you shampoo off the DC or did you just rinse off?

    1. I think she rinsed them off...you dont shampoo when you prepoo...you skip the shampoo part and just deep condition and rinse after a couple of hours..


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