The glory of a black woman


Have you ever heard this saying that the glory of a woman is her hair...

Well, I believed this saying was not meant for the African kind of hair but for the Europeans or other races that have smooth long hair. How wrong I was!!!

A black woman with an afro or the kinky kind represents some form of power and authority. Recently, the rate at which ladies have been transitioning and coming up with so many creative styles has made me to appreciate the beauty of a black woman and believe me, it's not in the Mongolian hair, or Peruvian Hair or Japanese hair.
It is in OUR OWN hair

I mean, why settle for less, when you can grow yours. Why believe you can never attain that long, smooth, and soft hair you've always dreamed of when the power is in your hands? Have you ever wondered why our hair is the only one different from other races?
It can be thick, but massive. It can be on the strong side, but there's nothing that cant overcome whatever strength it might possess against your comb.

Black is beautiful, Black is Powerful and Black is Strong.

It does survive the Test of time.

I was about giving up on my natural hair but now, I need not throw in the towel because the Power is in my hands. I can do whatever i like with it. it has become my canvas for creativity and words cannot describe the Liberty i feel when carrying my OWN hair proudly, displaying what I've done with it, knowing even if it gets hard through sun and rain, I have my therapy in hand to prove it wrong.
And I need not fear for my edges scraping off anymore. Little manipulation of that area and less breakage.

Till next week, when I'll be back with much more tips and testimonies of My Natural Hair
I hope I can get pictures for you guys by then

By Rainbowlove

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