Introducing Hair Product Swap Forum on African Naturalistas

Hi people, African Naturalistas is happy to announce that we are starting a new initiative on this blog. We have noticed that many Natural Ladies like to experiment with products, in a quest to find that magic product that works for them. And as most of us might have discovered, what works for the goose might not work for the gander. After a while, some Naturalistas end up having loads products that did not work for them, yet they cannot throw away, due to several reasons, ranging from cost to its usefulness for other people. Because of this, many of us end up being Product Junkies unintentionally.

Due to these reasons stated above, we have decided to introduce a new initiative on African Naturalistas. Like the blog title states, it is called the Hair Product swap.

This is how we are going to make it work if you have a product you want to swap.

Click on Hair Product Swap Tab
Click on the Forum which you want to upload your product in, this will depend on the country you currently reside in.
Click on New Topic and enter the required details which are stated below.
It is advisable for you to click on the ‘alert me when someone replies to this thread’ option so you can get an immediate notification once someone is interested in swapping with you.
If you have a product you want to swap with an existing one, or you want to ask more questions about an uploaded product to be swapped, simply reply to the thread. Very easy, right?

Required details in your topic
Be sure to let us know how full it is, whether is 90% full or 50% full, etc.
A short description of the product
Uploading a picture of the product should increase the chances of the swap

Swappers have to register on the forum to upload products to be swapped. This is to prevent spammers and scammers, and it is really straightforward
We will not be responsible for communication between swappers.
Delete your thread from the forum, once the product has been swapped

Please, if you have suggestions or comments about this initiative, let us know. Thanks



  1. YAY!!! Good one AN, off to check for products i want to swap!

    1. Ok ooo. Please, upload your products too. Let's get that forum busy

  2. I nominated you for the versatile blog award

  3. I have nominated you for versatile blog award. Please visit my blog for more details.

    1. ALright dear. Thanks. Hopefully, will get to it this time around

  4. Hello blog, I am following you, please follow my blog: Thanks!

  5. Such an interesting concept, I have few products to swap, but would need someone in my area to swap them with. btw, i nominated you for the versatile blogger award (3rd nominer;)) over at my blog here please visit to find out what it's all about :)

    1. Thanks.

      Upload the product first, till an interested partner sees it, and comes along. That's the only way it will work.


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