So why exactly do you want to be natural?

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I know the title of this post makes the post seem like it is not for ladies who are already natural but I suggest you read it to the end. At least, you can advise your protégés on what to do. Many ladies (some of my friends) see my hair and decide that they want to go natural because my hair looks healthy, full, bla bla bla. So I encourage them, give them loads of tips and advice, and few months down the line, these ladies are completely natural.

A month or two later, they come crying to me, ‘my hair is cutting’, ‘I have no front hair’, ‘this is not how I thought it will be when I went natural, I went natural because I wanted healthier and fuller hair, I wanted my front hair to grow and now, I am not getting the desired results.’

Then I ask, ‘Did you go natural because your hair was cutting?’

They say ‘Yes.’

‘What do you have on now?’ The conversation is usually on phone or BB messages.

They say ‘Braids’ or ‘Weaves.’

‘What have you been doing to your hair since you went natural?’

‘Just combing, braiding and fixing. I also use olive oil and water.’

‘I asked you to follow my blog or subscribe by email or read any other natural hair blog. Did you do that?’

‘Wo, I don’t have time jo.’

At this point, I really have nothing more to say. I know many natural hair gurus would have gone through this with some people too. It is apparent that my friends went natural for the wrong reasons. The truth is that they were not doing the right things to their hair when it was relaxed and so they lost lots of hair and they thought going natural would automatically change this.

If your hair is not natural, don’t relax it so often such that every strand will all fall off, and if your hair is braided, moisturise and condition it rightly. And when you decide to go natural, please and please, educate yourself and don’t just treat your hair anyhow. Going natural does not give one the ticket to be lazy.

My advice is, if your hair is relaxed and you don’t like what is happening to it, find out what you are doing wrongly and correct it. When you have developed a healthy routine, you can now go natural. If at all you decide that you have had enough of relaxed hair and you will do the Big Chop, abeg, let the hair rest for a while before you begin to manipulate it and don’t distance yourself too much from whoever it is that inspired you to go natural in the first place.

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  1. nice piece. i have actually been having problems with my hair natural or even permed. its very scanty, i don't have front hair blah blah blah. i have even decided to go on jerry curls come the new year. thinking it will look better.
    anyways i love your post.

  2. I want to go natural cause i want healthy hair. Apparently, i should get the healthy hair before i go natural? Wahala SIGH

    Muse Origins

  3. True talk. I did the big chop without planning for it because though I had healthy, full relaxed hair, I had a hair accident. My hair is growing back now, full again and healthy. I'm just taking my time and enjoying it.

  4. well written!

    Just because you are natural doesn't mean your hair will do wat u want it to do if you dont put in the effort.

  5. @ Tamunoibifiri: Thanks. Please, take care of your hair o. Try to make your front hair grow, research on what works for you

    @ Muse Origins: No, don't get me wrong. I am not saying you must have healthy hair befor going natural. I am saying that you should find out what you were doing wrongly that made your hair unhealthy and stop it. Then develop a good routine and when you eventually go natural, don't cease to care for your hair.

    @ Myne: Cool, Enjoy your hair and care for it. Sorry about your 'hair accident'.

    @ SwapQueen: Yeah, true that. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. I sound like one of your friends cos I went natural for the wrong reasons but I am learning everyday. My hair is getting better and growing out well.

  7. To go natural and stay healthy and natural requires consistency and dedication. So really if u're not willing to cater to the hair you'll keep complaining.

    I went natural because my hair was losing the colour I liked and relaxer were beginning to thin out my hair. All that is history now

  8. Great post AN!!
    Yes, we might go natural for the wrong reasons but I've made it a responsibility to tell aspiring naturals that Fro-hate-days are a regular occurrence. Even for those of us who where once natural and relaxed for a shorter period than most, frolove is not something we learnt the first time. We just toleratd our hair. Then you realise-the second time around- that there are deeper emotions concerning your hair. My advice is that when you get to that stage fake the frolove till you own it!! As naturals we owe our friends the duty of telling them abut each stage we went through so that they don't think that going natural is as simple as putting on a wig.

  9. Hmmmmm why did I go natural?? mehn I think I really wanted to try something different. And alongside my natural hair journey I'm also doing my healthy hair journey. I never really knew how to take care of my hair myself, my mum used to do every, I mean from washing to oiling and then I went to school, winter damaged the one I was managing so now it's time to grow up!!!!!

  10. @ Okoghene: Lol. I am happy you are learning by the day. You can never learn enough

    @ PET Projects: That's true. You have to pay the price to get the prize. Thank God your problem is now history.

    @ Natmane: Ohhh, thank. Thanks for advice, you have a great point. I just hope they won't keep thinking it is easy.

    @ Coy Introvert: Eeya, sorry. I hope you now know how to care for your hair during winter, cos its that time of the year again.

  11. hi.
    Lovely blog here. Am not on ma natural hair but i admire those who are,because i feel it aint easy.
    Though iv played with and still playing with the idea of going natural.
    If i go natural,it would be for a new look cum definition.
    Atleast i wld have this blog for the tips i need.

    1. Yea, we would be here to help when you decide to go natural

  12. omg! is all i can say,i had no idea that natural blogs for africn women and especially nigerian women even existed,i have being in a very cold and remote part of europe far from the reach of hair dressers and stylists and i considered it my ticket to finally do what i please with my hair,far from every one's judgement and disapproval all i can say is am over the moon cos i discovered this blog,now my weaning myself off the creamy crack will end........i would really like to know when you post new stuff so i can read
    keep represnting girl,...

    1. Awww Maureen, thanks for the compliment. Yes, we have very few nigerian natural hair bloggers that can be of help to you. I had a hard time finding them also.

      To get regular updates, you can either follow the blog using google friend connect gadget on the right or subscribing to my posts via email, also on the right.

      Thanks for dropping by


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