Natural Hair Care for Dummies

As we know, this blog is evolving and we are preparing to go into serious business. Natural Hair is not hard to care for, if you know what to do. So I decided to start with the simplest things, there is no need rushing and causing Information Overload. 

Do you know the most basic things to do to rock that natural hair without breaking a comb or a neck? Actually, they are very simple things. If you follow the routine below, it is the beginning of the journey to start enjoying your hair
The introductory tips you are about to read is what I started with when my hair started growing. I recommended it to people and it has worked for them also

Shea Butter
Coconut Oil


Liquid Castille Soap

Daily Maintenance Tips
1. Use original shea butter every day
2. Use natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba, peppermint oil etc as daily hair cream
3. Use hair mayonnaise every morning and night (I use organic root stimulator)
4. Never Ever comb hair dry, always wet the hair with water using a spray bottle or your hand before combing. This alone will make comb pass through easily. Remember I told you some time ago that water is your best friend
5. Use a mixture of water and olive oil on the hair every night, then tie a silk scarf on it before sleeping. This seals in the moisture and makes hair softer with time

Update (21/01/2013): I don't do the number 3 tip any more. Every morning and night is too frequent to deep condition your hair. I also make my own Deep conditioning mix, rather than use Organic root stimulator hair mayo because of the ingredients. I don't use shea butter everyday anymore. I use my shea butter based cream, because it has the benefits of shea butter, and all other ingredients in it, and it won't weigh down my hair.

Washing Tips
1. Whenever you want to wash, apply honey and leave for 20 mins before washing.
2. Soak tea bag in the water you use to rinse the hair when washing
3. Avoid sulphate shampoos as much as possible. I use pure castille soap (liquid type) instead and then use conditioner. Some people use sulphate-free shampoos for natural hair

Update (21/01/2013): I don't do the number 1 tip any more. I now Deep conditioning for a two hours, and then proceed to wash. My DC mix has honey in it. This particular number 1 tip is very good, as honey is a good humectant, adds shine to the hair, and is known to help in softening the hair. The main thing is to find what works for you and stick with it.

These are the things I do for now, I believe if you can do most of these, you will notice a difference about 6 months later.

The key is to use natural products that are good for hair. Avoid chemicals as much as possible, they are not good for natural hair

So do you have a Natural 101 tip for us? Please, share with all the Naturalistas

P.S: We are trying to find out the basic needs of the natural hair carries, so we would appreciate it if you could please, vote on the 'What is your greatest Natural hair problem?' gadget on the side bar. We need to know your exact needs. Thanks

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  1. Good tips, thank you for sharing.

  2. I use a shea butter based shampoo to wash my hair, do you think it will mask the honey smell if i apply honey 20minutes before washing?

  3. I've tried the shea butter therapy severally and it works. Do u wash out the honey with warm water?

  4. @ 9jaFOODie: Thanks for thanking. lol

    @ stelzz: Coolsie

    @ Okeoghene: I apply a mixture of honey and other things for one hour or more. Once I wash the hair, I do not smell the honey anymore. I doubt that the smell of honey lingers if the hair is properly washed. I hope this helps

    @ PET Projects: Yes o, shea butter works, it even heals scalp wounds.
    I wash out the honey with cold water, and then use conditioner, I finally wash out the conditioner with tea bag water, which is usually warm. So I guess, yes, warm water feeds into my equation

  5. I'm already in love with the blog. Thank you for this. When I want to wash my hair I mix honey, castor oil and raw egg in a plate, and apply to my hair, I carry it for about 30mins while putting on a conditioning cap before I wash with shampoo. I would definitely try the tea bag rinse. This absolutely works for me and leaves my hair really soft and nice.

  6. Love the tips.

    You say mix olive oil and water together? i know water and oil do not mix so how do you manage that..? Or it shouldn't matter?

    what i do is to have two different spritz- water based and the other oil based. I apply the water based first to moisturise and then the oil based to seal.

    I am not sure if it makes any difference mixing them from the onset. Though I have read that once you have water in any mix, it deteriorates faster.

    It would be good to know your thoughts. I am still learning about hair products :)

    Sorry for the long comment/question

  7. @ Coy Introvert: What you just described is called the prepoo or DC (Deep Conditioning)

    @ aloted: Yeah, mix them together. They don't mix, but put them in the same spray bottle and shake well when you are about to spray it on your hair. If you apply water before oil, what you are doing is sealing the moisture on your hair strands, which is also very good but is different from conditioning your hair with the mixture. The olive oil wouldn't be penetrating your hair strands that way.
    I hope you found this helpful

  8. hihi....
    Do u leave the mayonnaise in your hair or wash it out wen u apply morning n evening daily.
    Am pretty much a novice ere wrt natural hair.
    Just did the Big Chop over the weekend so am keen to learn

    1. Hiya, I don't use hair mayonnaise again. I use regular mayonnaise as one of the ingredients for my deep conditioning treatment.

      Welcome to the club, lol.

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  10. My favorite daily spray is a mixture of rosewater, aloe and light oil. Rosewater makes your hair smell so good and it softens and moisturizes. Aloe too. The light oil adds sheen and strengthens and/or seals depending upon which one you use. I spray this on every night before I twist up my hair for bed. Silk scarf or cap and that's it. In the morning your hair feels marvelous.

    1. Hmmm, Really? I don't have rose water or know where I can get it. But if I see it, I will surely buy and try.

      Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

  11. Working my way through this awesome blog...
    Double thumbs up.

  12. What can u use if you dont have castille liquid soap


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