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Another Natural Hair Blog? You might ask yourself. Well, for everything done on earth, there should be a reason and a purpose. If not, confusion is bound to set in.

I have had natural hair for over three years now and I am aware of the challenges natural hair carriers face, especially we Africans with the 'real kinky hair'. These challenges led me to look for online solutions to my problems, especially since I started carrying natural hair at a time when it was not really embraced in my country. The craze for natural hair is still not common in Nigeria the way it is in other countries.

Unfortunately for me, most of the sites and help forums I came and still come across are not really helpful to me as they are moderated by African Americans. It does not take rocket science to know that their hair texture is really different from that of core Africans.

These sites might be of help when it comes to product reviews (most of which are not readily available outside USA) and hair maintenance. But when it comes to styling, it is a no-no, as the application of the same products and procedure will look completely different on your hair from the way it looks on a typical African American’s hair. I still have challenges with styling, as creativity is really important here.

All I stated above is the reason for the creation of this blog. The purpose of the blog is to give Africans a very realistic approach to carrying and maintaining natural hair.

I will be writing the posts from my experience as a natural hair carrier and will be featuring posts from you, the readers. We can all help each other through this journey because really, since I don't think I see myself using a relaxer in this life time again.

Whenever you are ready to feature your posts, click on the features tab and follow the directions. Your posts will be referenced to you or your blog. Let’s make it one big Africa natural hair carrier family


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  2. wow. are those pictures of your hair journey? cant wait to read about it especially how you handled the locks. Nice one!

  3. Yaay!!!
    Now, this is one trip i'm gladly hopping on!
    Lets do this!

  4. Atiola this is brilliant, I can't follow yours yet so will copy the link and keep checking it up :)

  5. @ stelzz: Yes they are, had the locks for only two years though

    @ PET Projects: Yea, we are gonna do it

    @ enybees: Yea, l guess the main thing is you reading it

  6. Looking forward to this! Well done for doing this blog. ;)))


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