The Most Popular Natural Hair Myth

‘Wow, I love your hair, it is so nice! I would have loved my hair to be like yours, but it is a pity that I cant go natural because my hair is so thick and stubborn.’ I am sure the natural hair carriers hear this kind of statement all the time.

This brings me to the topic of the very popular myth which says, ‘if your natural hair is very thick and stubborn, you cannot go natural because it will always remain stubborn and there is nothing you can about it, the only solution is to relax it’. This is not true at all. For those who believe this, the good news is there is no natural hair that cannot be softened over time. Some people’s hair might take a longer than others, but continual application of the right natural substances and avoidance of inappropriate products, will make the difference.

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As for me, after about six months of steady maintenance routine, I could not believe what I felt when I touched my hair, it was unbelievable. This is the same hair that a big comb could hardly pass through in the past. As a natural hair carrier, you have to know the following

  1.  Water is your best friend (both oral drinking and direct application to your hair)
  2. Heat is your worst enemy
  3. Run away from chemicals, they will do you no good. It is called natural hair, it will do you good to be friendly with natural products
  4. Never sleep with your head bare
There are so many more things you need you will have to do, but these are the some of the most basic things you need to take note of in order to begin softening your hair.

Don’t lose hope, that stubborn hair of yours can feel different after a while. I will expantiate more on all these tips and more, in future posts. As for the people that have softened their natural hair over time, what are the most basic things that you did in order to achieve this? Please, share with all Naturalistas. Thanks.


  1. I need to cultivate habit number 4, I never cover my hair.

  2. LOl @9jafoodie, I can so relate to that. My silk scarfs don't stay on my head overnight, I always see it under the pillow or sth :) I need to look for where I can find a good hair bonnet.

    Re:Growing soft hair
    Moisturize, frequent conditioning, shea butter and oils E.g Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil....These natural oils are very good for growing and keeping the hair looking soft, shiny and healthy.

  3. haven't really started anything yet as i sort of still carry weaves. but once its out, i want to start with the honey,mayonnaise and egg mixture as deep conditioning treatment. i guess it also works for natural hair?

  4. Totally agree with MsJB on growing soft hair. I am natural but I rarely wear my hair cos it is always in braids; but my daughter, who is also natural, with the very kinky tightly curled hair, it is always a feat making her hair. When I started conditioning and moisturizing more,no more tears.

  5. Combs come in sizes, use the right size, comb in bits; it saves you from all the tangling.

    Weaves are nice but your hair can be made onto cornrows too, and let me shock you, 'Simbi is a girl' works too!

  6. @ 9JaFOODie: Y naa? Thats not good at all o, you are sucking the moisture out of your hair

    @ MSJB: Lol, I get. Maybe it is not tight enough. You are right about the oils, can't do without them

    @ stelzz: Yes, it works, though I don't apply eggs directly to my hair, as eggs are already contained in hair mayonnaise. Will touch on that later

  7. @ Okeoghene: Thanks, I wonder how come constant braids doesnt stress your hair

    @ os: Yes, yes and yes. Aint no moisturiser like water. Thanks

    @ PET Projects: Interesting about the combs. Though I don't comb in bits cos my hair is now really soft. I guess for those that aren't, the combing in bits makes sense.
    The day you do 'Simbi is a girl' to work, I will follow you to do it too. lol

  8. My hair has been softer this year than previous. I changed a couple of things I do/use so I am not sure which of them exactly softened my hair. The new things I started doing are: henna, using an aloevera juice+water+glycerin spritz, using afroveda hair products for my styling which also contain aloevera. So yeah between henna and aloevera juice based stuff my hair is happy. Oh and when I deep condition, I use a heating cap now as well.

  9. My hairs not natural but I'm making plans. I remember when I had very stubborn natural hair didn't know what to do but perm...
    Well now I have Shea butter, will pour water and use the oils MsJB has prescribed.

    Pls help list out all ‎​you use thank ‎​you :)

  10. @ MPB: Hello lady, I always learn from your comments. Thanks very much. We won't mind if you do a post on your henna routine for the naturalistas to learn from it.

    @ enybees: Yes o, start with the little steps. I will be listing them out as the time goes by, I don't want you to suffer from information overload

  11. To work ke? No oh, but when im on leave and when u have public holidays stretching from/into the weekend, i do it.
    Basically, the idea is to treat my scalp and then let it breathe!

  12. I also do not cover my hair, now I know to do that. I'm now using the water and oils and deep conditioning totally helps!

  13. Sadly after 8 months, I lost the battle to Beautiful Beginnings :(

  14. i'm going natural too, the last time i used relaxer on my hair was six months ago, and my edges are also very bad. please i need tips on how to grow my hair to a packable length before April 2015. My wedding will be in April by God's grace and i want to style my natural hair for my wedding


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