Saturday, 18 April 2015

4 Simple Little Bride Wedding Hairstyles for Natural Hair

4 Simple Little Bride Wedding Hairstyles
By DiscoveringNatural

The Princess Braid

This style gives an effortless soft look. It is best done on hair that has been stretched. To achieve the wave pattern, do a chunky twistout on the hair prior to styling.

Click here or watch the tutorial below

Rolled Up Bun

4 Simple Little Bride Wedding Hairstyles

This 5-minute hairstyle can be achieve with long or short hair. With shorter hair, add marley hair to create a puffier and bigger bun. Click here to see how to achieve this similar style with shorter hair.

Click here or watch the tutorial below

Flower Updo with Cornrows and Twists
This style created by Beads Braids & Beyond is classy and it has so many cute details that suites the occasion. To recreate this look, click here.

Cinnabuns and Flat Twists

These cute cinnabuns at the top of the hair creates a cute almost flowery look to this hairstyle. If you don't know how to flat twist, here is a similar style without flat twisting. Click here.
To achieve this look and see more pictures, visit Beads Braids & Beyond blog by clicking here.

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