Monday, 4 August 2014

All good things come to an end? Not really. More Giveaways on African Naturalistas

Just like that... We have run a giveaway of at least, five products each month for twelve months. It seems like just yesterday that we started. Thanks to all those who stuck through for a whole year. It means humans are always hopeful, which is great. The good news is that this will continue... in another form.

Congrats to Chisom Okite, the final and last winner of 12 months of giveaway, on her winnings five African Naturalistas Products. Please send an email to to claim your winnings.

And so, as you might have guessed, the party is not yet over. At African Naturalistas, we like to give things away, no matter how little. As you already know, there's an African Naturalistas Hall of Fame gadget on the right side of this blog. It is a list of our all-time top commenters, and it's not for decoration. We would be rewarding some of or everyone of the people whose name appear on that list by the end of the year. We are still thinking of what to do, so don't slack. You know we don't renege on our promises. Its left for you to comment away.

The immediate giveaway will be moved from this blog to our facebook group. We have a lot of members there now, and we need to find ways to make it fun for us. All you need to do is put up a picture of your natural hair, adorned with an accessory, with a comment I am adorable African Naturalista.  All we require is for the natural hair to be exposed, and there be an accessory of any kind. You can put up as many pictures as you like. Below is a beautiful example from one of our group members

We would observe the likes and comments, and after a month, the ladies up here at AN will pick the winner. To be honest, we are more geared towards having fun, and seeing how creative natural ladies can be than the giveaway proper. But we will be giving out the three products below. Don't scream yet.

Yes, you saw right. Our new sets of products, and it is not even on sales on the AN stores yet. So what are you waiting for? If you are not a member of the group yet, join the group now by clicking here, and start posting pictures.

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  1. oh my congratulation AN Team....i love the packaging of the new sets:).
    remember a relaxed babe is here too oh*Winks*

    1. Lool. You know our products are suitable for both relaxed and natural ladies.

  2. the new packaging is very lovely! It can compete with any foreign brand!

  3. Oh my! Congratulations on the new additions. The packaging is really lovely

  4. I love the new packaging, it's adorable

  5. Now that's what am talking about! that new packaging takes it to a whole new level! fit to compete with all the other foreign products! kudos AN


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