Thursday, 15 May 2014

Natural Hair Color Ideas

Hi ladies!

It's a few weeks to my birthday and I've been thinking of what to do to my hair to commemorate that day as well as mark my 15 Months Post Relaxer 6 Months Post Big Chop. My friend initially brought up the idea of hair color as she currently detests her black hair and so we went on and on and finally settled on coloring our ends brown with chemical dyes. Now here's the issue. We've actually considered the going about it naturally but then we realized it might now give us the result we want.

Anyways I've been reading up a lot on it as it's actually my first time and I'm gonna be using my friend as a guinea pig before doing mine myself. And so I'm gonna be sharing some ideas we have in mind i.e the results we'd like to see afterwards.

Alright ladies, there you have it.

So have you ever colored your hair? If yes, what advice do you have for my friend and I?

Please share your thoughts.

Till next time

Love,kinks and knots


  1. Well i have never colored my hair but i would say go for it. love the third pic tho

  2. I really like Ijeoma's hair, in the fourth picture. Unfortunately, I don't yet have the liver.

  3. I have coloured my hair and I LOOVE having colour. My hair looks something like the last pic. But you know it dries out much easily when you colour it so you have to protect and condition much more. But I love having coloured hair and I'll do it again when it reaches the 6 month mark, next month

  4. I'd color but the stress of extra work to combat dryness puts me off. That and the fear that I won't like the color at the end of the day.

  5. I would colour my hair if I had the liver. I'm just scared I won't choose a good product and it would end up bad.

  6. I remember that I was always dreaming of getting wine or caramel colored highlights when i was still relaxing my hair. I've been natural for almost five months now and I still think i'll do it.Just need to get in my fifteen minutes zone of irrationality :D

  7. I guess I'm the only that "has the liver" around here
    I really should do a post on colored hair
    I've been coloring mine since my TWA days

    Advice for your friend and you: if you think managing your natural hair is hectic as it is, coloring will worsen things. So brace yourself for that. It will need a lot of TLC

  8. Update:

    I coloured my hair last week and it resulted to highlights which I really don't mind. So I'm gonna be exhausting the remaining hair color next week to add more highlights.

    Would do a post later. Hopefully I can get around to take pictures.

    Plus the dryness is totally manageable so don't fret :)

  9. A hair dresser friend of mine suggested to go ahead and use the chemical color. If it's a lighter color she said to add some olive, or coconut oil to the dye mixture or to coat your own hair with oil to reduce the damaging affect that the lighter dye may have on your hair. I'm going to try it. I TRUST her judgement, she's been doing hair for 20 years. So That's just a thought.

    1. I'm going to try this... tHank you

  10. I always colored my hair even when relaxed and I never had breakage issue like others complained off. Colored my TWA 1week to my birthday with creme of nature golden Cooper and it didn't give m. The colour iI wanted, infact my hair color felt the same. 5Days after, I used cruset wine red: D Oh me loved wat I had on... But when wash day came :( ....Omo see breakage... still suffering From it. I'm still going to Color cause I can't stand black hair feels boring to me.

  11. I finally dyed my hair opting for an ombre look. My hair is fine and porous so I was really scared I'll be doing more damage to it but I'm not adverse to informed risks.
    Here's what I did.
    - Before the dye job, I made the complete switch to sulfate free poos, increased my protein and strenghtening treatment.
    - I deep conditioned my hair prior to the dye job.
    The final result is my hair doesn't really feel different although I noticed a bit of curl loosening.


  12. You style is gorgeous! Loving that dress and you beautiful hair! Looking so beautiful..Click here for highlights for black hair


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